Time to get going, I suppose - a lot of empty space to fill. Why the name Previously Viewed? Because sometimes I feel I'm seeing the same stuff over and over again. So instead of coming up with a truly original name, I just thought I'd roll with it. That, and the PV is a tribute to a friend of mine who (unfortunately) stopped blogging - positivelyverisimilitudesque. Hopefully I'll be able to match his wit at least once or twice.

On this blog, I'll try to catch you up with some news on current legal topics, fights (mainly mixed martial arts), some reviews of new movies, music and books, and pretty much anything else I feel like.

I'm setting a small goal of at least one quality post per week. If that goes well, I'm going to try up it to two. We'll see how that works out. Hope you enjoy.



the blogger formerly known as pv said...

thanks for the quality reference. i'm sure you'll be able to match, nee, far surpass, any modicum of wit i was ever able to assemble in my blogging days. consider yourself bookmarked. or favorited.

i've been thinking about getting back into the blogging game myself, so we'll see what happens.

PreView said...

PV - if you don't want to get into it full-time, you're welcome on here anytime you feel like it.