Cageside Seats Radio Show Update

One of the things that has been taking up a lot of my time recently has been my new radio show, Cageside Seats, brought to you by the Fight Ticker Radio Network. In what initially started as a show on regional mma coverage, Cageside Seats has expanded to be the sole radio show offering on FightTicker.com as FightTicker founder Pramit Mohapatra is focusing his radio show experience on the Baltimore ESPN Radio affiliate as a co-host for a local MMA show..

Since the last Cageside Seats update, the show has featured guests, and fighters, George Oiler and Tim Cook. Additionally, Cageside Seats has scored its first corporate sponsor as Silver Star Casting Company has now sponsored two episodes.

For questions or comments on the show, or for consideration as a future guest, send us an email at cagesideseats[at]gmail.com.

All of the Cageside Seats episodes are available for free download at the link above, or you can listen to them on the embedded player on the far right column of Previously Viewed.

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Mike Yanez Announces Opening of Highlander Tampa

Mike Yanez, the Godfather of Highlander MMA recently announced the opening of Highlander Tampa, the second school opened under the Highlander name. You can find the full press release on FightTicker.com.

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ICF News Update

Intimidation Cage Fighting also hosted an event during my hiatus here at Previously Viewed, an event I covered for FightTicker.

For the live blog of the event in Aurora, Indiana head over to FightTicker.com.

You can also find my picks for the Night Honors on FightTicker.com.

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KYFC News Update

June has been a fairly lax month for me blogging here on Previously Viewed. In the next few posts I'm going to be updating you on some news that has happened in the time I've been mostly absent.

The first is with the Kentucky Fighting Challenge (KYFC). KYFC recently hosted KYFC 51 in Lexington, KY - you can find the event recap on FightTicker.com.

You can also find a profile I did prior to the event of Matt Metts out of Reaction Athletics. You can also find it on FightTicker.com along with his post-fight interview.

For the next upcoming KYFC event going down at 4 Seasons in Lexington, KY on July 11, check out this post on FightTicker.com. I'll be there live blogging for FightTicker.

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R.I.P. Billy Mays

I love watching infomercials. Period. I have only ever purchased one product from an infomercial, but I love watching them all the same. One of the greatest, if not the greatest, pitchmen of all time died this week. Billy Mays brought the world all kinds of products, and he always did it with a smile on his face. I recently read that everyone that attended his wedding got some Oxi-Clean, and he was known to give visitors to his house various cleaning products as well. I can only imagine what a trip to Billy's house might have been like - probably would've been pretty entertaining - just like watching him pitch a new product.

R.I.P. Billy Mays

For more info on Billy Mays, check out Wikipedia.

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Say what you want about Michael Jackson (and hundreds of thousands of people are, all over the internet), but he was a hell of an entertainer. Even at age 50 he was planning on a multi-show comeback tour that would have undoubtedly set records for attendance, ticket pre-sales, everything.

Michael's influence on pop music, dance and culture is undeniable. Even though I won't miss hearing about his surgeries, the constant references to him and little boys, or the general madness that followed him, I will miss his presence as an entertainer. (And the fact that we both liked David Blaine.) But I do own a lot of his music and I'll still continue to listen to it.

For more information on the situation, feel free to check out this article on Yahoo.com. Beyond the fact that I don't agree with one commentor's comparison of Michael's death to the Kennedy assassination, it has some generally good information and background on MJ.

RIP Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009).

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Don't Call It A Comeback (or do - that's okay with me)

Been slacking on the posting lately due to some other commitments, but I'm back now - I'll be posting a number of things tonight including links to some recent things I've written for FightTicker.com as well as some updates on recent episodes of my new radio show, Cageside Seats, brought to you by the Fight Ticker Radio Network. My co-host (Puddin) and I recently had a Special Edition UFC 99 episode, sponsored by Silver Star, the fastest growing company in MMA sponsorship.

Lots more to come.


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Cageside Seats Episode 2 Archived

The second episode of my new radio show, Cageside Seats, brought to you by the Fight Ticker Radio Network is archived and available to listen to or download (for free).

Back for our second show, Puddin and I talked with Fight For Life USA Co-Founders Brent Thompson and Scott Wells about the founding of their company designed to revolutionize the MMA world and the face of cancer awareness.

You can listen to the show on the embedded player in the far right column, and you can find more details on what was discussed during the show, including how to find a special promo code to receive 10% off an order on the Fight For Life USA website on FightTicker.com.



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