Cageside Seats Radio Thursday August 13th at 9 PM ET - Silver Star Owner Luke Burrett

Cageside Seats just keeps getting better and better. Having already welcomed some great local pro fighters ready to break onto the national scene, some of the best up-and-coming MMA clothing companies, and with Puddin and I having given listeners some of the wittiest banter ever heard, we've reached yet another milestone.

This Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 9 PM ET, Puddin and I will be welcoming Silver Star Casting Company owner Luke Burrett to the show for a discussion on a number of different topics in the MMA world. Additionally, Luke's wife and Silver Star co-owner, and Playboy Playmate, Charis B. will also be joining us on the show.

For full details on how to tune in and call in, head on over to FightTicker.com.

Additionally, this episode of Cageside Seats is sponsored by Silver Star, the fastest growing company in MMA sponsorship.

For those of you unable to listen live, the episode will be archived for downloading (for free) shortly after the show ends.



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