MMA's Biggest Loser - Week One Recap

One of my colleagues on PROMMA.INFO, "Fast" Eddie Constantine (pictured on the left side of the picture), is now on a quest to win a battle the likes of which MMA has never seen. He and John Morgan of MMAJunkie (pictured on the right - wearing the Junkie shirt) are on a quest to see who can lose the most weight over the next two months. The two of them will weigh in each week and the one who has loss less weight at the end has to embed a logo for the other contestant's favorite NFL team in his chest, pictures of which will then be circulated to the media.

As any good writer would, Eddie is keeping up with his quest to win the competition in the form of a weekly blog, complete with video excerpts of his training and his thoughts on everything.

I'll be linking to his weekly post so that all of you have a chance to see what some good MMA training (and a healthy diet) does for Eddie over the next two months.

To check out his first week's blog, head on over to PROMMA.INFO.


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