The Cageside Beat Update and Recaps

The Cageside Beat, mine and Puddin's radio show, the official radio show of ProMMA.info ended 2009 with a bang and is already off to a great start in 2010.

As readers of Previously Viewed probably noted, we were able to have on two great guests a few weeks ago with WEC fighter Anthony Njokuani and UFC fighter Steve Cantwell.

The week after that, we were fortunate enough to feature Bobby Razak.

The week after that, we spoke with WEC Lightweight Champ Jamie Varner. (You can check Varner's website out here or find him on twitter here.)

On the most recent episode, we introduced some new music to the show as well, and we have begun introducing sponsored trivia contests as well. The most recent one (and there's still time to enter!) was sponsored by long-time friend of show, Silver Star.

In other important news, The Cageside Beat is now available for free download on iTunes. You can find all of the archived episodes here.

There are a lot more great things coming in 2010. Make sure to tune in each week as we bring you the best in regional and national MMA coverage.



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