Time to move on

After I published the last post on The Cageside Beat recaps, I started taking a look around PreviouslyViewed. In ten days, it will have been three years since I first posted on here. Looking back over some of my old posts, my initial struggle with HTML, how my writing style has changed, the interviews I've done, the live events I've covered....well, it's a lot. But looking back at the amount of posts I've published since I've started, It's obvious that once 2010 hit, PV was no longer my top priority.

I'd like to say that there was some pivotal moment that made me want to start blogging, but looking back, I think I just stumbled across blogspot one day and said to myself, "maybe I'll start a blog". A lot has changed since February of 2009. I went from a job where I only had to work 40 hours a week to multiple jobs where I come closer to working 80 hours most weeks. I joined the first version of FightTicker.com (Pramit has recently resurrected FT with a new format), and then joined Pro MMA Now (formerly ProMMA.info). I went from interviewing fighters and live blogging regional MMA events to representing fighters and consulting for MMA promotions when I co-founded The Matthew Wellington Group.

To make a long story short, while PV was the initial vehicle for me to rant and rave, it led to some great things, and now those things have become more of my focus, so it's time to retire PreviouslyViewed.

For those of you that are fans, you know I'll still be around. From writing with Pro MMA Now to hosting The Cageside Beat, and running The Matthew Wellington Group, my involvement in the MMA world is far from over. When I started PV, I didn't intend it to become all about MMA, but that was how it naturally evolved, and I'm happy with what I did.

I won't be taking the site down - this is the only place where all of my early interviews and live blogs are available, and I want to keep them up should anyone decide they want to stop by and read them.

A special thank you to site sponsors Elite MMA and Boxing Depot. Because of their unrivaled loyalty to the site, their banners and links will also remain active - they have great gear for combat athletes, and I've been honored to receive and review many of their products.

Also, thank you to the readers - initially I started writing because I just wanted to say some things in a public forum, but when I realized people were actually finding my blog through search engines and then became repeat visitors, it gave me a whole new motivation.

I'd like to think that from time to time I'd post some things here - whether it be to highlight some exciting news about a new MWG fighter, or give readers more exposure to some great coverage from Pro MMA Now, I'd think an occasional article would pop up. But in reality, I've come to terms with the fact that my role with PreviouslyViewed is done, and I'm going to fully devote my focus to the new things which PreviouslyViewed paved the way for.

Thanks for reading.


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