A New "Distance" Champion

It is with great humility that I now take the trophy from Giant Asian Man (after he took it from Puddin') for the longest distance blog visitor.

I had someone from Nerang, Queensland, Australia have a visit from a whopping 9,106 miles away. It appears that came to my site after searching for "olympics,trampoline", and while I'm sure they did not at all get what they were looking for, I thank him or her for visiting anyways.


And here is the rest of it.


GiantAsianMan said...

Well played, sir. I guess its back on Puddin' to pass that mark.

We should have a new "competition," this time comparing search words that lead people to our blogs. I humbly submit the following-

from Kingston, Jamaica: "bob costas belittling usain bolt"

from Titusville, Florida: "logan tom" fuck

Clearly, that last one is the early leader in the clubhouse. What you got PV? Puddin'?

Puddin' said...

I dunno... I can give you a pretty good run for your money, GAM.

"UFC Fighter Roger Huerta nude"

PreView said...

Lol. Yeah, I thought I remembered that one, Puddin. I think that's going to be at the top for a while.

GiantAsianMan said...

Gee, Puddin', its cheating when you count your own searches in this competition!

Seriously though, that trumps anything I've got. I'd say congratulations, but I really don't think it applies here.

Anonie said...

i once performed a search "law stuff and jessica alba naked" and my former site turned up. hmm.