Fight Night Picks: Redemption! And Congrats to Junie Allen Browning

My picks this time were much better. I went 8-2 for the night, and placed 60 out of 16,000 and change on the UFC fantasy site. Not too bad.

Also, for those of you who couldn't catch the premiere of TUF 8, congrats to Junie Allen Browning on taking that first step to becoming the Lightweight Ultimate Fighter - he walked through Jose Aguilar and beat him down so bad that Aguilar chose not to continue at the end of the first round. Junie looks like a good prospect for both teams. One of the coaches, Frank Mir, commented that he'd be looking to pick Junie early if Noguiera didn't get ahold of him first.

Tune in next week to see the rest of the elimination fights.


And here is the rest of it.

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