A Reason for a Lawsuit if I Ever Saw One

Wow. Just wow. I don't know that I've ever felt sorrier for somebody than I do the guy in this story.

Man Sues After Genital Amputation

There's a link to the article and my brief thoughts on this after the jump.

From Kentucky.com :

A Kentucky man who claims his penis was removed without his consent during what was supposed to be a circumcision has sued the doctor who performed the surgery.

Phillip Seaton, 61, and his wife are seeking unspecified compensation from Dr. John M. Patterson and the medical practice that performed the circumcision for “loss of service, love and affection.” The Seatons also are seeking unspecified punitive damages from Patterson and the medical practice, Commonwealth Urology.

A woman who answered the phone at Commonwealth Urology would not take a message for the doctor Thursday. But the Seaton’s attorney said the doctor’s post-surgical notes show the doctor thought he detected cancer and removed the penis. Attorney Kevin George said a later test did detect cancer.

How exactly do you go from circumcision to complete genital removal? I see that the doctor's post-surgical notes show the doctor "thought" he detected cancer, but is it really the best idea to cut a guy's junk off if you "think" you detect cancer?

The Plaintiff's attorney alleges that this was not an emergency situation, so the doctors could have hypothetically stopped, woken the guy up, and asked him what he wanted to do.

I don't know a man alive that would've said, "Sure, Doc, go ahead and cut it off." Seriously, it's not even anything sexual, it's just that I don't know of a guy who would say that he'd rather live sans junk than die earlier because of cancer. Not to mention, what about chemotherapy? What about other sorts of treatment?

I don't know what the doctor was thinking that day....well, frankly, I think it's clear he wasn't thinking.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Phillip Seaton in what must be the worst situation he's ever had to deal with.


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