FightTicker Exclusive: One-on-One With Chad Corvin

What follows is the second of four interviews I am doing in anticipation of the upcoming event - XFC 7: School of Hard Knox. I'll be covering the event for FightTicker.

Many of you were first introduced to main event fighter Chad Corvin when I posted an XFC press release you can find here. I posted a similar press release on his opponent, Scott Barrett here.

Check after the jump for more info from Chad.

FT: How are you feeling going into your fight with Scott Barrett?

Corvin: I feel real good. In fact, I just got back from my morning training. I feel like I’m in great shape and much more prepared for this fight than any of my previous fights.

FT: How does it feel to be part of the first-ever pro MMA fight card in Tennessee?

Corvin: It’s an honor, especially being in the main event. Fighting in the main event of the first-ever pro MMA card in a state is a really big deal to me. It’s an honor I’m taking real seriously.

FT: What are your initial impressions of the XFC?

Corvin: They might be new, but the way they run shows from top to bottom has been real impressive to me, especially where I came from. The scale of what they do is real ambitious, and I like that.

FT: Who are you training with for the fight?

Corvin: I just returned from the West Coast where I undertook the toughest training camp of my life. Those guys just whipped my ass into shape. We worked long hours on my standup, my striking, and broadening my arsenal. They’re getting me to be much more dangerous than just with my fists. I don’t want to say who I was working with ‘til after the fight. For now, it’s better if I keep their names on the down low.

FT: In your last fight, you knocked out South African fighter Rico Hattingh just 19 seconds into the first round – are you looking for a similar finish in this fight?

Corvin: I like ending fights in the first round. Since I’ve been pro, none of ‘em have gone past the first round. Going two or three rounds is harder than you think. I know I can go beyond one round if I have to, but I’d rather not. If I can force the action and get a knockout, that’s what I’m gonna do.

FT: In fact, none of your pro opponents have made it out of the first round – do you see Barrett giving you more of a challenge than your prior opponents?

Corvin: Every fight is different. He very well could be the toughest fighter I’ve ever faced. I come out hard. So far, how they respond is how the fight usually ends, so we’ll have to see what his game plan is. I’m sure he knows my history of coming out strong, and I’m sure he’s working hard to negate that. But I’ve always felt that if I throw 10 punches and hit him with one, that one is all I need. We’ll see what he does.

FT: You were an accomplished high school wrestler, but in your pro MMA matches, you’ve clearly made use of your punching power – is that something you plan on, or is that just how the fights have gone?

Corvin: Two of my fights went down to the ground because that’s where I decided to take them. But if I have an opponent hurt or dazed I can use one of my strengths, my heavy hands. I’m no professional boxer by no means, but I’m confident that when I throw punches, good things are gonna happen.

FT: Barrett is likely going to be the crowd favorite – do you think this is going to have a negative effect on you?

Corvin: No, I’ve been booed when I came out for other fights. I actually like being the underdog; it let’s me prove more of a point when I win. I’ve probably been the crowd favorite more often than not in my career, so I’ve seen both sides. I’m not going to take the booing personally. He’s only the crowd favorite because he went to school there.

FT: Is there anything in particular you’re working on to get ready for Barrett?

Corvin: I’ve been doing lots of standup and lots of sparring, because if you watch my videos, I tend to swing wide like a brawler. That leaves me open to counter-punching. It’s one of the things I’ve been working hard to negate because I want to be a complete fighter with the right technique. My whole deal is to come after the opponent first – and it might be difficult to control those impulses when I get that adrenaline rush, but I have a good game plan going into the fight. Game plans can change, so it’ll depend on my mood and how I’m feeling when the fight begins.

FT: Is there anybody you’d like to thank or give a shout out to?

Corvin: I want to thank Submit Gear and all my other sponsors for helping me do what I do. I’ve gone from fighting in local armories to fighting in major stadiums around the country, and there’s no way I could’ve come so far this fast without their support. I really appreciate their help and assistance.

And of course I want to thank all the MMA fans for watching me compete. I’ve always tried to give you your money’s worth, and I promise I always will.


Corvin is a great fighter and I'm looking forward to seeing him work to continue his undefeated streak on February 20th.


(For more info on the fighters and the upcoming XFC 7, check out XFC.)

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