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I'm here at 4 Seasons in Lexington, KY, waiting for the Kentucky Fighting Challenge to start. I already briefly ran into Carlson Gracie, Jr., and Junie is supposed to be here. There are 15 fights on the card tonight, and two grappling matches, so there is sure to be a lot of action.

Check after the jump for the full live blog of all the fights.

People are packed in, anxiously awaiting for the fights to start. All of the tickets, VIP and otherwise, have been sold, and it's now standing room only.

Fights are set to start in about 15 minutes - I'll be back after the first fight.

There are reps here tonight from Fight for Life USA and Fight or Flight. I encourage you to check out both of them. Fight for Life USA is taking a unique approach - a portion of their proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society via Relay for Life.


Randall Johnson vs. Corey Sanders

Round 1

Johnson fights out of Team Dogg Pound. I can't see Sanders's affiliation. Both fighters are making their MMA debuts. Johnson starts with a leg kick and Sanders comes back with a strong short right, then left, taking Johnson down. Johnson has Sanders locked up and Sanders is working him around the ring, landing some shots to the body. Johnson is holding Sanders, preventing him from posturing up. Johnson goes for a guillotine and sweeps, and starts ground and pound before the ref moves them away from the ropes. Johnson is landing shots from the top. Sander tries to sweep but misses and Johnson takes his back. Sanders gets up but Johnson gets a guillotine and pulls Sanders down. Johnson transitions to full mount, then side control, then back to full mount, landing body shots. Johnson stars groudn and pound, but Sanders rolls out and reverses Johnson, landing in the full mount. Johnson is holding Sanders, preventing him from posturing up and he reverses, landing on top. Johnson stands up and lands a knee before Sanders takes it back down to end the round.

PreView sees it 10-9 Johnson

Round 2

Johnson misses with a short front kick. Sanders comes in with a right hook but misses. They trade short shots in the middle of the ring and the action is stopped as Johnson lands an unintentional shot to the groin.

Johnson goes in with a few jabs that miss then a right that lands and stuns Sander. Johnson takes him down with a guillotine attempt and ends up in full mount. Sanders is holding on from the bottom, preventing Johnson from posturing up, but Johnson is landing multiple body shots and a lands a knee to the body before the ref moves them back to the center of the ring.

Johnson is working the ground and pound from the top and continues until his opponent taps due to the strikes.

Johnson wins via submission (strikes) in Round 2.

Victor Nesenchuk vs. Adam Baker (145)

Nesenchuk is an independent fighter. Baker fights out of Dogs of War.

Round 1
N opens up with a body kick and fighters trade body shots. Nesenchuk lands two hard shots to the head but almost slips on a body kick. Baker lands a body kick of his own. Nesenchuk lands a few more shots to the head, and Baker answers with two of his own and a body kick. Baker misses with a big overhand right. Baker lands a left and Nesenchuk a right. Nesenchuk misses with a jab and Baker lands a body kick, but slips and Nesenchuk lands two to the face. Baker shoots in but N defends. Baker takes it down and Nesenchuk fights for the top position. Nesenchuk stands and motions for Baker to stand. Nesenchuk misses with a couple jab and Baker ladns two hard shots to the face. Nesenchuk goes for the takedown but Baker defends and lands a knee to the body. Nesenchuk picks up Baker up for a big slam and works from side control, trying to get teh full mount position. Nesenchuk is trying to get Baker in a crucifix, working for the kimura. Nesenchuk lets it go and lands a couple shots to Baker's face to end the round.

PreView sees it 10-9 Nesenchuk

Round 2
Baker opens up the round with a head kick that grazes Nesenchuk. Nesenchuk answers with a hard right and Baker fires off a leg kick. N lands another right followed by a body kick. Baker goes in for the takedown but N defends and lands a shot to Baker's head. N lands a body kick, then another and Baker answers with one of his own. Baker lands a left hook followed by a right then another left and another right and N moves in for the takedown and slams Baker. N is working from side control and tries to transition to full mount but ends up in Baker's full guard. N is landing shots from the top to Baker's face and body. The ref stands them up after the action slows, just a few seconds before the round expires.

PreView sees it 10-9 Nesenchuk

Round 3
Nesenchuk shoots in to to open the round but Baker defends. Nesenchuk gets Baker down but stands again. Nesenchuk lands a body kick and Baker answers with a four punch combination. Nesenchuk takes Baker across the ring and takes him down. The ref moves them back to the center, with Nesenchuk in the top position, side control, and he moves to full mount. Nesenchuk starts the ground and pound and Baker is trying to scramble.Nesenchuk is landing more unanswered shots but Baker is trying to land shots from the bottom. Nesenchuk continues the ground and pound until the ref moves in to stop it.

Nesenchuk wins via TKO in Round 3.

Rick Reed vs. Michael Cavanah

Round 1

Both fighters quickly rush in and Cavanah takes it down. They stand back up and Cavanah takes it down again, trying to land shots from the top. Reed gets Cavanah in full guard and Cavanah is still landing shots from the top. Cavanah lands a couple more shots from the top, but stands and lets Reed up. Reed throws a jab, but Cavanah lands a big left and takes Reed down. Cavanah is landing shots from the top and Reed verbally submits.

Cavanah wins via verbal submission in Round 1.

Brandon Webb vs. Luke Bubenzer

Webb is an independent fighter. Bubenzer fights out of 4 Seasons

Webb lands right hook to start the round and Bubenzer takes him down and ends up in the top position. Bubenzer is working from side control, but Webb has a guillotine attempt. Bubenzer gets out and transitions to full mount, then takes WEbb's back, looking for the rear naked choke. Bubenzer is working to flatten him out and tries to land head shots to loosen Webb up. Bubenzer sinks in the RNC for the win.

Bubenzer wins via RNC in Round 1.

J.P. Felty vs. T.J. Fugate

The fighters trade leg kicks and Felty takes Fugate down and is working for the full mount. He gets a knee on one of Fugate's arms and starts raining down head shots. Fugate is landing knees to the body from the bottom, but Felty cotinues to land head shots. Felty gets full mount and continues the ground and pound. Felty lands more shots as Fugate rolls over and the ref rushes in to stop the action as Fugate taps out.

Felty wins via submission (strikes) in Round 1.

Mike Fleniken vs. Greg Pell (205)

Flenigan is a 4 Seasons fighter. Pell fights out of Team Dogg Pound.

Round 1
Fleniken comes in with a big right then follows it up with a four punch combination that floors Pell. Pell manages to get back up, but Fleniken rushes in and lands more head shots to Pell as the ref rushes in to stop the action.

Fleniken wins via TKO in Round 1

Brian Stevens vs. Michael Cochran

Stevens represents Dogs of War. Cochran is an independent fighter.

Cochran comes out with a couple body kicks and Stevens goes for head shots, but not really landing. Stevens goes for the takedown but eats a knee in the process. Cochran lets go of a guillotine position and Stevens takes the mount. Cochran rolls and Stevens lands shots to his head and works for the choke. Stevens goes for more head shots and gets one of Cochran's arms locked up in the process. Stevens lands more unanswered head shots until Cochran taps out.

Stevens wins via submission (strikes) in Round 1.

Alexander East vs. Donald Sanders

East is an independent fighter, Sanders fights out of United Martial Arts.

East come in with body kick and Sanders answers with two quick head shots. East misses with a big right, but then lands one and the two trade in Sanders's corner. Sanders takes East down and lands shots to the head from the mount position. East gives up his back and Sanders flattens him out and secures the rear naked choke for the tap.

Sanders wins via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1

Zach Sanders vs. Dewayne Buckner

Sanders fights out of 4 Seasons. Buckner fights out of The Edge.

Sanders come in with a quick jab. There's a flurry of punches from both fighters until Buckner throws a knee and Sanders takes him down. Sanders is in Buckner's guard landing punches from the top. Buckner rolls but Sanders retains teh dominant position, working from side control. Buckner works for a submission from the bottom but Sanders gets out and the fighters stand. Both throw kicks out of range and Buckner lands some shots to the face followed by knees. Buckner works for a guillotine and the two fighters fall through the ropes, briefly stopping the action.

Sanders misses with a right and shoots in trying to take Buckner down. Bucker has Sanders's head tied up and throws a knee to Sanders's head. Buckner works for the standing guillotine and attempts to pul lguard, but Sanders gets his head out. Sanders lands a few body shots and short punches to Buckener's head. Sanders postures up and starts to ground and pound. The action is briefly stopped as the two are moved to the middle of the round, almost immediately before time expires.

PreView sees it 10-9 Buckner.

Round 2

Buckner has a cut above his right eye. Buckner rushes in and Sanders takes him across the ring and takes him down. Sanders is working from side control when the fight is restarted in the middle of the ring. Sanders restarts the action with more shots to Buckner's head. Sanders gets one of Buckner's arms tied up and lands a few more shots before he stands. Once up, Buckner tries to rush in but Sanders picks him and lands a huge slam that causes the crowd to go nuts. Sanders immediately starts working the ground and pound until the ref rushes in to stop it.

Sanders wins via TKO in Round 2.

The action is briefly put on hold as Jimmy Mc (KYFC Promoter) introduces Carlson Gracie Jr.

Donnie Combs vs. Jon Stocking

Combs fights out of Dogs of War. Stocking is an independent fighter.

Round 1
Combs comes in with two jabs and the two quickly clinch up. Stocking takes the fight to the ground and Combs quickly gets the full mount. Combs pushes Stocking's head down and starts landing shots. More unanswered shots by Combs. Stocking reverses and ends up in Combs's full guard. Stocking is landing body shots and Combs is trying to get a secure position on the bottom. More shots from the top by Stocking. Stocking is trying to cover Combs's mouth and Combs is still trying to scramble out. Combs lands some good shots from the bottom and Stocking answers with some of his own. Stocking lands a few more shots to Combs's head and body to end the round.

PreView sees it 10-9 Stocking.

Round 2
Combs comes in with a jab, then a right and Stocking answers with a couple of his own. Combs pushes Stocking against the ropes and takes him down, landing in top position. Stocking has Combs's head wrapped up from the bottom position and the ref moves them to the center of the ring.

Combs is in Stocking's half-guard and Combs postures up to land some shots to Stocking's face. Combs gets the full mount and starts to tee off, but Stocking is still trying to land shots from the bottom. Combs opens up a cut under Stocking's left eye, and Stocking's nose is starting to bleed. Combs continues the ground and pound assault until Stocking taps out.

Combs wins via submission (strikes) in Round 2.

Special Announcement: Donnie Combs has been named Fighter of the Night.

James Smith vs. Markeith Gillis

Smith fights out of The Edge and is the KYFC Super-Heavyweight Champ (but this is a non-title fight). He came into this fight at 363 pounds. Gillis fights out of 4 Seasons.

Round 1
Gillis comes in with a left hook, then a right. Smith answers with a left of his own and Gillis pushes him against the ropes. Both fighters are trading punches, going around the ring. Gillis lands multiple shots to Smith's head from the side and Smith reaches his hand out, as though trying to signal the ref. The ref rushes in and stops the fight, but Smith vehemently protests, saying he was trying to signal the ref that he was poked in the eye. Half of the crowd boos while the 4 Seasons half goes wild.

Gillis wins via TKO in Round 1.

(PV's Note: I was told after the event that the two have been scheduled for a re-match in what will likely be a fight for the SHW title.)


Good event overall. Jimmy Mc puts on quality shows. The Kentucky Fighting Challenge will return to 4 Seasons on March 7, 2009 for another event.

I'll be back here at 4 Seasons sometime soon to do a full gym profile with Mike O'Donnell, owner of 4 Seasons.


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