FightTicker Exclusive: Post-Fight Interview With Corey "The Freak" Krebs

For those of you who were able to watch the live HDNet broadcast of XFC 8: Regional Conflict, I think you got to see some great fights on the main card. However, as many of you who attend live shows that are partially broadcast on TV know, some of the best fights and most exciting KOs and submissions are the ones that don’t make it to the television audience. Corey Krebs had one of those KOs.

It took him only 82 seconds to dispose of Fit Factory’s Dean Hamilton via KO, earning my vote for FightTicker.com KO of the Night. However, Krebs had to work for those 82 seconds – if you take a look at my live blog, you’ll see that their fight was filled with action right out of the gate. I caught up with Krebs after the event to speak with him about his win.

(Picture from Fight For Life USA's event album.)

FightTicker: Big KO tonight, my choice for KO of the Night – how did you feel going into the fight?

Corey Krebs: Felt good. I knew what kind of fighter he was – he comes out, he likes to drop big bombs, he’s physically dominant, tries to dominate from the clinch, but the guys he’s fought, I don’t think were at the same caliber that he was stepping into here. Not to say that I’m the best fighter in the world, but I think I was definitely a step up from his [prior] competition. I knew he dropped bombs big and I just had to prepare for the storm. I just knew I was going to counter – I’m a southpaw, so I counter with my straight lefts and eventually just put him down. It was good.

FT: How did you feel scoring a big KO tonight?

Krebs: It always feels good to knock somebody out, man, but I don’t come here to lose. I just want to win, so as long as it’s a win and it’s a good win – I don’t want to win by cuts, something like that – as long as I win, I’m happy. Knockouts are nice.

FT: What’s next for you?

Krebs: Just next fight. I’m still in the minor leagues trying to make my way into something big. This is the third pro fight for me, doing pretty well so far, two knockouts. Just got to see what pops up next, do it one step at a time.

FT: For only three professional fights, you have a lot of sponsors [see Krebs’s walkout shirt above] – how did you get that worked out?

Krebs: I have a really active manager, also a personal friend of mine from Paragon MMA, Remington Reed. He does a lot of good work, getting all of us [fighters] stuff. It’s a really good thing.

FT: Anybody else you want to give a shout out to?

Krebs: I want to thank 47 and Projekt Label, my two big sponsors. Also Bucklehead Knives, Grace Training Supply, she's actually a very good friend of mine, she supplies all our cut supplies. I also have to thank my team and most of all, my opponent - thanks for coming out and being in shape.

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