FightTicker.com Exclusive: XFC 8 Post-Fight Interview With Julio Gallegos

One of the fighters I had a chance to catch up with after the recent XFC 8 event was Julio Gallegos, fresh off a second-round submission victory over CT Turner. In case any of you missed it, take some time to check out the excellent pre-fight profile of Gallegos done by FightTicker.com blogger Mike Menninger. The picture is from Fight For Life USA's Event Album. Pictured from left to right are Fight For Life USA co-founder Scott Wells, Julio, Zeena (holding their daughter Bralynn) and Fight For Life USA co-founder Brent Thompson.

Check after the jump for my interview with Gallegos.

FightTicker: Big submission victory tonight over CT Turner in the second round – obviously a lot of respect between you and CT, both tough guys – how did you feel going into the fight tonight?

Julio Gallegos: I felt pretty confident. I don’t know what it is man, but every time, the first round, it’s like I can’t get loose or something. It’s takes to the second or third round ‘til I get loose and I’ve got to change that. But physical-wise, conditioning, I felt very good, not a problem. I put a lot of work in between my teammates Reaction Fight Club, No Limits, and Submit Pit, they bust my ass.

FT: In your post-fight interview talking to Ron Kruck from HDNet you could’ve talked about anything and you took that time to talk about your association with Fight For Life USA. What does it mean to you being able to give them that kind of exposure on a live televised broadcast?

Gallegos: It means a lot because a lot of people lose their family members to something that they shouldn’t lose them to. I lost a couple close ones to me and it sucks to lose a loved one like that. It’s an honor to me being able to say Fight For Life USA like that. It’s an honor.

FT: You talked to my buddy and FightTicker.com blogger Mike Menninger about how you liked the XFC. Is it your plan to stay with them and keep fighting at middleweight?

Gallegos: Yeah, they always say try out your first contract and if you don’t like it, go to something else better. So far they treat me really good and I have no complaints so I’m going to stay with them until my future says not to.

FT: Anybody you want to give out a shout-out to or say thanks to?

Gallegos: I definitely want to say thanks to Rob Nickerson out of Reaction Fight Club, Willie Ray out of No Limits, Larry Combs and Darren out of Submit Pit. Thanks to Fight For Life USA which has allowed me to do what I do. Shout out to Zeena [Julio’s fiancĂ©e], and her father, [the man who was like] her second father, that just passed away from cancer, and Brenda, [Ron] Kruck’s mother, she’s battling breast cancer, so definitely a shout out to her. And a shout out to yourself, man, [laughs] being here and covering this and talking to me.


Gallegos is a class act both in and out of the cage. He came back from a first round that by all accounts had him down on the Judges’ scorecards 1-0 and turned a small mistake by Turner into a big win. From beginning to end, Gallegos expressed nothing but respect not only for his opponent CT Turner, but for his role in the fight game. He’s a fighter dedicated not only to his training and advancement in the sport but also the advancement of those who have helped get him there like training partners and organizations like Fight For Life USA.

Fight For Life USA recently released Gallegos’s signature shirt [pictured above] for sale to the general public and it will be available on their website within the next few days. Also, for any of you who didn’t notice, Gallegos has now joined FightTicker.com – take some time to check out his profile and say congratulations.


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