Cageside Seats Radio Show Update

One of the things that has been taking up a lot of my time recently has been my new radio show, Cageside Seats, brought to you by the Fight Ticker Radio Network. In what initially started as a show on regional mma coverage, Cageside Seats has expanded to be the sole radio show offering on FightTicker.com as FightTicker founder Pramit Mohapatra is focusing his radio show experience on the Baltimore ESPN Radio affiliate as a co-host for a local MMA show..

Since the last Cageside Seats update, the show has featured guests, and fighters, George Oiler and Tim Cook. Additionally, Cageside Seats has scored its first corporate sponsor as Silver Star Casting Company has now sponsored two episodes.

For questions or comments on the show, or for consideration as a future guest, send us an email at cagesideseats[at]gmail.com.

All of the Cageside Seats episodes are available for free download at the link above, or you can listen to them on the embedded player on the far right column of Previously Viewed.

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