Continuing the video kick - afro ninja and more

After I posted the video with Rusty, the narcoleptic weiner dog yesterday, I got to thinking about other videos that have really cracked me up over time. I know that most of you will have seen most of these, but I'm posting some more for fun, just to bring back some good laughs. "Afro Ninja" is immediately below this text, and a few others will follow after the jump. Enjoy. (All videos taken from YouTube.)

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This next video simply shows that while weiner dogs look cute, they could easily be trained to be weapons of mass destruction. Thanks to Mrs. Sheriff to pointing this out to me.

Powerthirst - energy drink spoof - love this one. You've got to hear the sound on this, though, because it definitely adds to the overall feeling.

Before all of the UFC events, they play two songs in the background while getting comments from the fighters in the main events and things like that. I came across this spoof about a year ago before UFC 75 - if you're an MMA fan, you'll get a kick out of it - if not, you won't get quite the kick, but I still think you'll have a good laugh.

Finally, I don't know how many of you may caught any one of David Blaine's street magic specials on TV at three in the morning on the gameshow channel or something, but the next few videos are clearly a spoof of those. For the record, I think David Blaine is awesome (go ahead, Puddin, take your shots), and I think Criss Angel is a tool. Three different spoofs of David Blaine's street magic, shot by the same guys.

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