F'in Weiner Dog...

When I signed off on one of my comments in my P4P article with "In with the queen of hearts" I got to thinking about the games Puddin' and I used to play in some of our more boring law school classes. I think our favorite one, besides "1-10", was one where we would IM each other various quotes and things designed to make the other one laugh out loud in class.

Somehow we came across this video of a weiner dog passing out. Needless to say, it's hilarious, but what was more hilarious was one of the comments one of the more eloquent users had posted which read something to the effect of "Fu**ing weiner dog, passing out and sh**." Needless to say, the phrase "Fu**ing weiner dog" got passed back and forth more than once along with "In with the queen of hearts" from the commercial where the guy was imitating an automated phone machine that played the song when put on hold.

In honor of that, and all the fun we had, I'm posting this. Enjoy. And for the record, I still have trouble not laughing every time I see it.


And here is the rest of it.

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