PreView's Picks for UFC Silva vs. Irvin and Affliction: Banned

Puddin commented the other day that this is an historic weekend for MMA - that's quite true, given the facts that the UFC is challenging the Donald Trump backed Affliction in a programming duel on Saturday night, Anderson Silva (arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world) is trying his hand at a new weight class, and Fedor Emelianenko (also arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world) is facing his toughest test in about three years in Tim Sylvia.

There are also a number of other quality fighters on the cards this weekend, and some new blood trying to make its way into the UFC. My picks for both events are after the jump.

Silva vs. Irvin - Silva

Vera vs. Andy - Vera

Franca vs. Edgar - Edgar

Velasquez vs. O'Brien - Velasquez

Johnson vs. Burns - Johnson

Taylor vs. Dollaway - Taylor

Credeur vs. Yarbrough - Credeur

Farber vs. Markham - Markham

Loughran vs. Rees - Rees

Giboo vs. Blackburn - Giboo

Hartt vs. Gugerty - Hartt



Sylvia vs. Fedor - Fedor

Barnett vs. Rizzo - Barnett

Buentello vs. Aleksander Emelianenko (Fedor's little bro) - Emelianenko

Babalu vs. Whitehead - Whitehead

Negao vs. Lindland - Lindland

Hominick vs. Young - Hominick

Arlovski vs. Rothwell - Arlovski

Belfort vs. Martin - Belfort

Ambrose vs. Pyle - Pyle

Dewees vs. Nogueira (UFC HW Champ's Twin) - Nogueira

Levens vs. Lazama - Levens

It's going to be a big weekend - I hope some of you are able to check it out.

- PreView

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