Will Junie Browning Make it Past Next Week on TUF?

First of all, let me say that the Spike TV website is killing me. They offer html code so that a blogger like myself could presumably place their videos into blog entries. In fact, when you click the "embed" link, a link even comes up that says "Copy & paste this code into your blog, Myspace...or anywhere else you can add HTML."

Then I do that, and the video comes up as "please watch on spiketv.com".

Check after the jump for a link to the video as well as a quick description.

Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong, I don't know. Regardless, here's the scoop. For anyone who watched TUF last night, the teaser for next week states that two people are already in danger of being kicked off the show, one of them being Junie Browning. The teaser them promised exclusive content on Spike's website.

To check out the video, go here. The clip is appropriately entitled "Junie Goes Berserk" as Junie apparently wants to fight pretty much anybody who gets in face, including Ryan Bader, fresh off his KO win.

I think Junie is hardcore, but so is Bader, and Bader probably outweighs Junie by about 50 pounds. Personally, not a fight I would pick.

Junie is definitely on a rampage, though, and I'm interested to see how this gets handled, particularly because he kicked one of the guys while they were trying to break it up. As past seasons have shown, Dana doesn't (and shouldn't) have much tolerance for this sort of behavior, as it makes UFC fighters look like thugs. Because of this, I'm interested to see what happens to Junie - it would be a shame if he got kicked off, because he can just as easily go berserk in the cage.

On a side note, Dana can preach and piss and moan all he wants, but if they really didn't want stuff like this to happen they would give the guys a little bit more freedom and a LOT less booze. Dana is the king of enablers when it comes to in-house violence.

Finally, I think it is relevant to note that we aren't given any idea why Junie goes berserk. Because you can hear Bader saying something about "dishing it out, so you have to take it", one could assume it's a prank gone bad. I guess we'll get the whole story next week.

Until next week...


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