FightTicker Bloggers' Favorite Moments of 2008

On of my fellow bloggers on FightTicker asked a few of us to write a brief description of our favorite MMA moment of 2008. As the year is wrapping up, I thought I'd go ahead and post a link to this article because I thought it was a nice year-end look at MMA from different perspectives.

After the jump, you'll find a link to the full article on FightTicker, as well as my favorite MMA moment of 2008.

The other guys wrote some great things about everything from the emergence of the WEC as a promotion, and Forrest Griffin as a great fighter, the fall of Kimbo Slice and the return of B.J. Penn as a dominant fighter.

And from me....

I guess I'm taking a different approach. My favorite MMA moment of 2008 was covering the MMA Big Show: Relentless. It was my first official event coverage for FightTicker, the first time I got to do a live blog, and the first time I got to sit cage-side at a show. Watching the fights from that perspective and knowing that people were keeping up with fights as I reported them was a great feeling. Watching Chad Hinton win the 155 lb title and watching Matt Egner put on a Fight of the Night caliber performance after taking the fight on about 10 minutes notice had to be one of the greatest fight-related experiences I've ever had.

Also, being able to talk to Chad Hinton after he won the 155 lb title was a great way to wrap-up my first live-event coverage. I met a lot of cool people at that show, made a lot of great contacts, and had a great time. I've attended shows before that one, and I've attended shows since then, but that will always stick out in my mind as my favorite MMA moment of 2008, and one of my favorite MMA moments of all time.

Thanks to FightTicker blogger Hardyz55 for setting this whole thing up - nice concept and a nice end result. For the full article, go here.


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