FightTicker.com Radio Show - First Episode Archived

Just wanted to let you know all about a new feature that we have on FightTicker that's going to take things to another level. That's right, people - Pramit (the owner of FightTicker) has started a radio show.

Check after the jump for info on the show, and how to get to the first archived episode.

The inaugural episode happened yesterday and in addition to being hosted by Pramit featured two guests - MMA Fighter Binky Jones and one of FightTicker's top bloggers, Bryan Levick, a/k/a KingLev.

Each episode, Pramit plans to interview someone from the industry (i.e. fighters, promoters, etc.) and have as one of his guests an mma pundit, like KingLev. Each week they'll discuss current news in the mma world, including things like follow-ups on recent events. Additionally, during part of the radio show, people can call in to ask questions and comment (I'll post that number with my next article on the shows).

I'll be posting either a reminder about the show each week, or a follow-up with a link to the archived show.

In this first one, though, I'm going to post a link directly to the article on FightTicker, and from there you can find a link to the show. So check that out on FightTicker here.

Tentatively, each show is scheduled for Thursday nights at 6p.m. e.t.

Keep watching for updates. Next week's show may have a very special guest.


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