Cageside Seats Episode 1 Archived

Any of you who follow my work on FightTicker may know that my role in the Fight Ticker Radio Network has changed slightly. I was co-hosting the flagship show on the Fight Ticker Radio Network, and I now have the honor and privilege of hosting my own show, Cageside Seats, the first new show on the Fight Ticker Radio Network.

My co-host is a familiar face around these parts (and FightTicker.com), none other than Puddin' himself.

Our first show is officially in the books now, archived and now available for free downloading. You can get connected to the site by checking out the embedded BlogTalkRadio badge in the right column of Previously Viewed, or you can check out our page on the BlogTalkRadio site here.

Whereas the original Fight Ticker Radio show focuses on national MMA news, Cageside Seats will feature a more regional focus, starting in the KY/OH/IN/TN area, but eventually expanding to cover regional promotions nationwide. Our first guest was pro fighter Julio Gallegos. Check out the show to hear what we had to say.



And here is the rest of it.

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