FightTicker.com Exclusive: XFC 8 Post-Event Interview with John Prisco

The final in this series of XFC 8 Post-Event interviews comes from none other than the XFC President himself, John Prisco. Not unlike the XFC’s inaugural event in Tennessee, Prisco put on another great card of exciting fights. The XFC’s sophomore show in Tennessee with the main card televised live on HDNet gave XFC fans and newcomers alike a chance to see some of the up and coming fighters that Prisco often speaks of.

Check after the jump for my conversation with Prisco.

In our most recent interview Prisco stated, “ [t]he XFC strives to be an open market for all rising MMA superstars – no matter where they’re from or who they are….” Those able to tune into the broadcast definitely got a taste of it, as did the members of the live audience. Even many of the undercard fights would not have looked out of place on the televised portion of the broadcast, particularly Corey Krebs’ FightTicker.com KO of the Night win over Dean Hamilton. I got a chance to speak with Prisco after the show about the XFC’s second show in Tennessee and their continuing plans for expansion.

FightTicker: Another great card of exciting fights, a bigger crowd than your first show in Tennessee, how did you feel about everything?

John Prisco: How could I not be excited? For two-and-a-half years our vision was – we knew we had a good product, and we knew it was just a matter of time before the world got to see it, and we got to show them tonight and it’s a big step in the right direction for the XFC.

FT: Tell me some more about your plans for international expansion.

Prisco: We signed a deal. I can’t tell you the specific details right now, but you will hear something very soon. You’ll hear dates and locations very soon. We’re going to be very aggressive in Europe, as well as continuing to be aggressive in the states. We went from a local to a regional to a national, and now an international product, all in six months. We’re tired [laughs], but we’re going to enjoy this.

FT: Did you have any personal favorite fights tonight?

Prisco: I kept saying, my mind changed as the night went on. I think the last fight of the night [Bruce Connors vs. Jarrod Card]. Bruce Connors is a warrior as well as Jarrod Card and I knew whoever walked away with the belt tonight was going to be very good for the XFC, it really was. They’re not only incredible fighters but class acts and they lived up to the billing, they really did.

FT: So your next show will be in September back in Tampa?

Prisco: Yes, September 5th, back in Tampa. That’s our next one.

FT: And it looks like Lashley will be on that card?

Prisco: Yes, it looks very very positive. Bobby will be on that card.

FT: That’s another big name for you – you’re building a very impressive roster of young fighters.

Prisco: Thank you, and it’s growing and it’s growing. What’s happening is that the word’s out about the XFC and that we’re about finding the most talented young fighters out there. This [televised event] just helped us even more. Before it was 20 fighters a day contacting me, and now I imagine it might be 30 or 40. We’re always listening and we always pick up the phone. We look at a lot of video and we check these guys out so what you saw tonight wasn’t something that was a fluke, it’s something that we’re going to keep building on.

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