Exodus Gate News, Contests and New Promotion

The Exodus Gate, the first book in the Rising Dawn Saga, is one of the newest epic fantasy books on the market and now you have a chance to get your copy for free. A number of blogs are doing giveaways for the book - you can find those here and here, along with interviews with the author himself.

Additionally, I have received word from Zimmer that Seventh Star Press will be running a new promotion where buyers that send them a copy/scan/picture of their receipt from purchasing The Exodus Gate will receive a free set of seven glossy art cards and two bookmarks that were printed as special promotional materials for the book. For those of you in the Cincinnati, OH area, purchasing your copy just got easier, as the Cincy Joseph-Beth Booksellers is now carrying The Exodus Gate.

Check back for my review of The Exodus Gate as well as an interview with Zimmer.

For more info on Zimmer, including an inside look at his travels to various conventions and book signings, check out his blog, Fantastical Musings.


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