LOST and (not really) Found - Update

To the two or three of you who read the LOST articles on the blog - I know that I've been lax with my Lost conspiracy theories and such, but there's a reason for that - I'm three episodes behind. Rest assured, after this week's finale, I'll watch all four in one day and then write what will probably be a 25 page bunch of nonsense on all the episodes. Why? Because I'm a dork like that.

-PreViewAnd here is the rest of it.


GiantAsianMan said...

Actually, there is no new Lost episode this week; part 2 of the season finale airs next Thursday 05/29 (its two hours long). So you have an extra week to get caught up.

PreView said...

Thank you sir - another Lost fan just told me that as well....all the same, I'll probably wait until the finale - otherwise, I'll be going nuts until it comes on.