A Confession: PV's Blog on FightTicker

As some of you may have noticed, the articles on my blog have been almost exclusively MMA-related topics and interviews. In addition to that, my posting frequency has slacked a bit.

The truth is, my faithful readers (both of you), I'm not just blogging on here anymore. I'm also blogging for FightTicker.com. Because of the posting requirements, I've been spending a lot of time working on there.

Check after the jump for more info.

Regardless, if you're interested in what I have to say over there (it's strictly MMA and MMA-related topics) feel free to check out FightTicker.com here (or on the sidebar). However, as you may have noticed, I've added another link on the sidebar, that goes directly to my personal blog on FightTicker. You can check that out here.

As I'm sure you'll quickly see, members of the site post articles on their blogs within in the website, and then the head/owner of the blog takes those and posts them on the front page. In addition to that, you'll see three featured articles at the top - when that happens, people are given an actual byline.

See, in exchange for our daily posting, we're given the opportunity to be credentialed as members of the press for various MMA shows. I'll be covering my first MMA Show as a credentialed member of the press on November 1st, at the MMABigShow. You can check out info on that show here.

As you'll notice, there are plenty of things that appear on both this blog and my blog on FightTicker.

Just wanted to give all of you a heads up - if you're an MMA fan and you don't already know about FightTicker, you need to check it out; multiple daily updates on all the latest MMA news.


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