I'm Now Fairly Certain Junie Doesn't Get Kicked Off the Show

I've always enjoyed reading blog entries from the guys on TUF, because they're generally pretty entertaining, and many of them offer an intelligent behind-the-scenes look at the whole situation, giving us info about things we didn't see on the edited versions of the show.

Blogs like this can be found on sites likes ones I've linked on the right column (Fight Ticker, MMA Junkie, 5 oz of Pain, and Cage Potato, to name a few.)

I've also enjoyed seeing a KY boy, Junie Browning, get his shot on the show. However, I haven't enjoyed thinking about the possibility of him getting kicked off the show for his drunken escapades. But, in spite of all of his "berserk" behavior (that's how Spike TV described it), I'm now fairly certain Junie doesn't get kicked off the show. Why is that, you ask?

Because I discovered today that Junie is doing a weekly blog, too......on UFC.com.
While I know that some of the fighters are assigned websites to blog for, I have no doubt that the UFC gets to pick who they want, and picking Junie is genius. Love him or hate him, people want to know about him. For example, my personal blog I started before writing for FightTicker (I still do posts there, too), Previously Viewed, gets blown up everyday from people doing google searches on "Junie Browning", "Junie Browning TUF 8", "Junie Browning getting kicked off the show", and so on and so forth.

Junie has a dynamic personality, he's a solid fighter, and he's willing to throw down with anybody. But I think my overall point is that the UFC wouldn't pick somebody to blog for their website if it was somebody they had kicked off the show. That would just be bad for business.

So for now, check out Junie's blog on UFC.com - you can find his first blog entry here. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what he has to say for the rest of the season, and especially next week.

That's not enough Junie for you? Then check out his newly formed webpage here, or his MySpace page here.


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