Big News for FightTicker

As I mentioned in this post, FightTicker already has some big news for 2009. Initially, I was told the announcement wouldn't be posted until tomorrow, but as it was posted today, those of you that may not have seen it on FightTicker get a chance to check it out here, now. Check after the jump for the news.

From FightTicker:

MMABlips.com is a Web site that -- among other things -- ranks the top MMA Web sites out there. Their rankings include not only independent Web sites such as Sherdog.com and MMAWeekly.com, but also mainstream blogs such Yahoo's Cage Writer, as well as all the new media sites and blogs that many on this site are familiar with such as MMAJunkie.com. To date, I haven't seen any other comprehensive rankings of MMA Web sites like this one.

I am very happy to announce that in their initial rankings, MMABlips.com has FightTicker.com ranked #19 out of the 107 MMA Web sites listed (you'll notice that starting at #54, there are a lot of ties.)


I always believed that within a year this site could be a top 15-20 Web site. If you look at all the sites ranked ahead of FightTicker.com, you'll see sites that are either much older or much more heavily financed. But, this site is catching up!

So there you have it, folks - #19 out of 107. This is great news for FightTicker, just as Pramit said, because the few sites that are ranked ahead of us are either much older sites or are much more heavily financed.

I'm proud to be a part of FightTicker, and I look forward to see what the rest of 2009 brings. Between this and our new affiliation with Sports Blog Net (more on that here) it's already shaping up to be a great year. I think this time next year, you'll be seeing a post from me talking about how we broke into the top 10, if not the top 5.

If you're an MMA fan and you haven't already joined FightTicker (memberships are free) head on over there and set one up - you'll be happy you did.


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