"The MMA Big Show" TV Show Set to Air on New Network

2009 is already becoming a banner year for MMA fans in the Kentucky area. In addition to all the other news I've broken recently, I received another press release in my inbox today, from MMA Big Show promoter Jason Appleton.

Check after the jump for the full release and information on "The MMA Big Show" TV show.

From a press release:

Cincinnati, OH based Mixed Martial Arts Promotion, the MMA Big Show, having starting back in September of 2006 by founder Jason Appleton and growing rapidly has built a reputation for promoting some of the regions biggest and most action packed MMA events by pitting local champions against Veterans of other national promotions such as the UFC. Now starting into 2009 the MMA Big Show is preparing their TV show titled "The MMA Big Show" which has been airing on the CIN CW for a full season and is now going national on a new network to be announced soon. The TV show is slated for live broadcast in the form of two hour specials broadcast in HD at 8pm on Saturday nights and will be edited later with fight footage not shown in the live broadcast to make up half of a 13 week season mixed with studio segments and reality footage.

"It's been a major uphill battle in a lot of ways, learning how to market and deal with various venue sizes. We lost over $80,000 our first year and just focused on building fighters and planned for the future, started to break even with some profits in 2008 and have finally reached a point where people are recognizing our hard work and sacrifice which is going to make 2009 a groundbreaking year. We've out lived many MMA promotions by building from scratch and learning the little things that end up meaning a lot down the road." explains Appleton.

The television show will be filmed from the live events held at the Beltera Casino Resort and Hotel in Indiana and be a mix of live event footage mixed with studio drama and commentary. The live events will begin at the Belterra on March 7th, 2009 where 170lb 4-0 Champion "Relentless" Roger Bowling, who recently signed an exclusive fight contract with the MMA Big Show will tee off on IFL and Bodog Veteran Seth Baczynski. 185lb 4-0 Champion William "Mojo" Horne who recently dominated UFC veteran Josh "Bring the Pain" Haynes at MMA Big Show: Martial Fury on May 10th of 2008 will be fighting UFC Veteran Cale Yarbrough. These two fights will be co-main events on March 7th, 2009 at the Belterra Casino. Ages 21+ welcome, Doors at 6pm, first fight at 7pm. Tickets available at mmabigshow.com

MMA Big Show will be hosting 8 events at the Belterra Casino in 2009 starting on March 7th and staggering out each 4 to 6 weeks from there.

Fighters looking to compete for the MMA Big Show are encouraged to setup profiles on FighterAccess.com which is an MMA industry database started in early 2008 by MMA Big Show promoter Jason Appleton to help him locate and connect with managers, fighters and sponsors.

Video auditions for the MMA Big Show TV show are being reviewed at NakedIndie.com, a brand new media delivery and social networking site focused around music and entertainment culture. Fighters, Spokesmodels, Bands and other acts interested in being a part of the MMA Big Show TV show are asked to submit a video of themselves on the site for review.

MMA Big Show


Lots of exciting things are happening on the Kentucky area MMA scene, and I'll be bringing you all that news as soon as I get it.

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