FightTicker Exclusive: ICF TurfwaR Post-Event Comments from Jeremy Pender

In the third entry in this series of Post-Event interviews from ICF: TurfwaR, I bring you some comments from ICF Bantamweight Amateur Champ and FightTicker.com member Jeremy "Pony Boy" Pender (aka Pender), who will be making his Bantamweight Pro debut at ICF: Breakout on April 11th at US Bank Arena.

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FightTicker: Big win tonight – how’d you feel going into the fight?

Jeremy Pender: Honestly I felt like the guy didn’t really have much for me. He was kind of a tune-up fight for my pro debut [on April 11th at ICF: Breakout]. I wanted to just go in there and make as few mistakes as I could and finish the fight when I wanted to.

FT: So how did you feel about your performance?

Pender: I wanted to stand and bang a little more. The guy wanted to clinch, and it went to ground so I submitted him in the third round. It was a good fight, I think it was a good fight because I let it become a good fight.

FT: How are you feeling about your upcoming pro debut?

Pender: I’m really excited. I get to fight Carson Gainey – he’s a really tough wrestler. We fought once and I caught him early with a triangle. But I think this time it’s going to be a lot better fight. Hopefully we go three rounds and have an all out war.

FT: You’ve got a contract with the ICF and you’re turning pro pretty early in your career – how do you feel about your progress in MMA?

Pender: I’ve only been doing this for about two-and-a-half, almost three years. Everything is going really good. Steve [Stanton] is a solid manager, solid with the ICF. It’s only going up, and I’m not just going to fight solely for ICF, I think. I’m thinking about going to King of the Cage, eventually WEC if I can get my cards played right.

FT: You looked in great shape in the fight – it seemed like you were just kind of chilling out between rounds – was your cardio something you really focused on?

Pender: Yeah, that’s something I really try and focus on, especially at the amateur level. If you’re not in shape, you’re not going to win your fights. And at the pro level as well, you got to be in really super shape. We work hard at the gym and it pays off.


Pender had a dominating win over Doug Ballinger, showcasing crisp striking, some great transitions and a solid submission game. His pro debut is going to be one to watch.


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