Silver Star Casting To Debut Anderson “The Spider” Silva's Signature Shirt

Silver Star Casting, an Orange County based streetwear company, run by Owner, President and CEO Luke Burrett has made news recently with their signings of GSP, Rashad Evans, Karo Parisyan, Rob Emerson, and most recently, Clay Guida and Jon "Bones" Jones.

Check out this brief excerpt from my interview with Burrett:

FightTicker.com: You’ve already signed a few of the sport’s biggest names, and you’re clearly building your roster – how long do you think it will take for Silver Star to emerge as one of the pre-eminent brands on the MMA scene.

Luke Burrett: One year. We’ll be the biggest brand in MMA in one year. It’s a bold statement and it’s going to be tough, but that’s my plan.

Silver Star is surely on its way with its most recent signee - UFC Middlweight Champion and FightTicker.com # 1 Ranked Middlweight Anderson "The Spider" Silva. The signing of Silva now marks three current UFC champions that have signed deals with Silver Star to make exclusive shirts.


Check after the jump for the full press release.

From a Press Release:

SAN CLEMENTE, CA) – With the release of Anderson“The Spider” Silva's signature Silver Star shirt, Silver Star Casting adds another champion to the label's growing roster of top-tier MMA athletes represented in the label's expanding premium fight collection.

Brazillian MMA Middleweight Champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva is ranked as the world's number one middleweight fighter , and is also widely considered the top pound-for-pound in the world.
Silver Star Casting, who currenlty works with welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, now boasts a collection of premium fight tees with ten of the best MMA fighters in the world.

Silver Star will continue to support fighters because fight fans want a high-quality shirt that represents the MMA guys they love, and they want it to be from a company with insanely talented artists, and a geniune affection for the sport,” says Silver Star owner, Luke Burrett.

The Anderson “The Spider” Silva premium Silver Star fight tee is due to hit stores April 1, 2009.

Silver Star Casting is a cutting-edge company that's not afraid to break the rules. With roots firmly planted in hard-rocking and ass-kicking, its full line of men's and women's shirts, outerwear, fleece, headwear, jeans, shoes, belts, buckles, and jewelry can be found in over 2000 stores worldwide. www.buysilverstar.com

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