Phil Baroni Signs Two Show Commentary Deal With MMA Big Show

MMA Big Show Promoter Jason Appleton has sent me a new press release announcing the signing of UFC, Pride and Elite XC veteran Phil Baroni as a color commentator for the next two MMA Big Show events.

Check after the jump for the full press release.

From the Press Release:

March 5th, 2009 Cincinnati, OH: The MMA Big Big Show confirmed the "New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni to perform color commentary in tandem with Fox Sports' Jeff Piecoro on March 7th and April 11th at the Belterra Casino Resort & Spa.

The roles of hero and villain have long been prevalent and added a theatric effect to the world of professional sports. Simply put, there are athletes that fans love and others that the public simply loves to hate.

The name Phil Baroni resides somewhere in a grey area when it comes to characterizing the public's perception of the 30-year-old boxer and wrestler. Boisterous and outspoken, the self proclaimed "New York Badass" is seen as cocky and disrespectful by some, but as a passionate inspiration by others who feel they identify with him.

A graduate of Central Michigan University, Baroni wrestled for his alma mater while pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. Before making his debut in the sport of mixed martial arts, Baroni put together undefeated records in both boxing where he was victorious in twelve consecutive bouts and kickboxing where he reeled off seven straight wins.

Baroni has built his legendary name and persona throughout his career in the UFC, PRIDE and Elite XC and on March 7th and April 11th he will call the MMA Big Show home.

The MMA Big Show is very excited to have Phil Baroni on board with us as we venture into television while developing the future stars of MMA.



Great news for MMA Big Show. Baroni has been around the MMA world for a while now and with his knowledge and penchant for some good pre-fight trash talking, he could definitely serve as an entertaining commentator.


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