FightTicker Exclusive: XFC 7 Post-Event Interview with Chad Corvin

Yesterday, I posted a Press Release from the XFC on their upcoming event, XFC 8: Regional Conflict, on April 25th in Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be there covering the event for FightTicker.

Given that the XFC has started their PR campaign for the April 25th event, I figured now was a great time to get out the post-event interviews I did from XFC 7: School of Hard Knox.

Check after the jump for the interview with Corvin.

In this three-part series, I'll be giving you brief post-event interviews with President John Prisco, XFC Lightweight Champ John Mahlow, Head Trainer of the XFC's MMA training facilities Mike Yanez, and some of the fighters he trains including Chevelle Hallback and Joe Heink. We'll kick off the series with some words from Main Event fighter Chad Corvin following his TKO win over Scott Barrett.

FightTicker: I could tell you were disappointed with how the fight ended – what are some of your thoughts on it?

Chad Corvin: You know, I wanted to go out with a good win. Any win is a good win, but that isn’t the style I like to go out with. I want the opponent to finish and not hurt themselves. I don’t know what happened, he may have hurt it earlier in training or something, but it’s just not how I like to go out, man. I want to finish it, and I want to finish it good.

FT: What did you think about the fight prior to Barrett’s injury?

Corvin: I took my wrestling for granted, my wrestling and my takedowns. My sprawling has been good enough, but it’s something I still need to work on. I think my strongpoint [wrestling] is something I don’t work on [much] and I realize now I need to work on it even more.

FT: What’s next for you?

Corvin: I’m going to take some time off, get my journeyman’s license in plumbing, take the test for that. A back up plan, you know? This [fighting] ain’t paying the bills, but it’s giving me extra money right now.

FT: So do you want to transition to training and fighting full time?

Corvin: If I can make it in the sport, I’d love to do it. It’s fun, it’s a rush getting in the cage and doing it. If I can make it, if I can keep doing well and keep winning, I can see myself doing it for a living.

FT: What do you think of the XFC so far?

Corvin: The XFC has been top-notch. The scale of the events they’re running is amazing. It’s such a good promotion. It’s excellent – best promotion I’ve ever fought for. I’ve fought for three and it’s the best one.


Corvin has a solid future in MMA - he's a hard-working, talented guy. Although everyone in attendance was disappointed with how the fight ended prematurely, there is no doubt that Corvin will soon get another chance to better showcase his skills.


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