Guilty Pleasures # 1 (NSFW)

My biggest guilty pleasure is probably pseudo-reality shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills. Yeah, I know, they're terrible shows, but that's why it's called a guilty pleasure, folks....and now, watching those stupid shows has finally paid off in a way that's kept me laughing for a week now. But seriously, don't check this out at work, there's some filthy stuff that follows...but filthy in a fun way.

So - Audrina Partridge is one of the "stars" of The Hills. Now, it's recently come to light that she posed for some nude photos. For your convenience, I've enclosed a link you can check outhere.

Clicking on the censored pics will get you the uncensored versions...if you're into that sort of thing.

Anywho, she has sinced claimed they were for her "portfolio" and were meant to be "artistic"....because nothing screams artistic like a naked girl in a bathtub wearing a cowboy hat.

Now, I love this kind of stuff (beyond the nude factor) because these girls think they're "stars" or "actresses" and I really get a kick out of pictures like these because I can tell you exactly how this photo shoot went...like this....

Audrina: So, thanks photographer, for taking pics for my portfolio. Are there any more outfits you think I should try?

Photog: Well...hmm...I don't know...Wait, I've got it! How about we take some pictures of you standing in a bathtub, naked, wearing a cowboy hat?

Audrina: I don't know, that seems kind of slutty, I don't think I should take any nude photos.

Photog: Oh, come on - all of the famous actresses are doing it. How do you think such great stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got to be as popular as they are? Would I ever do anything that could come back to haunt you? And seriously, has any popular person ever gotten in trouble because of some harmless nude pics?

Audrina: Well...you're probably right - but they have to be artistic, too.

Photog: No problem - you get naked and I'll get artistic.

And there you have it, folks. I love reality TV and the whores that make it almost worth watching.

Some other reality shows filled with whores:

- Rock of Love
- Flavor of Love
- Beauty and the Geek
- America's Next Top Model

I think Rock of Love and Flavor of Love are my personal favorites of these four just because Brett Michaels and Flavor Flav are two of the most unlikely reality TV stars ever, and the fact that there are women who both want to and will sleep with them....well, I just think that's hilarious. Because seriously, aside from Michaels and Flav, I think the only bigger no-talent assbag that ever did so little to have women sleep with him has been William Shatner.

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