UFC Fight Night 13 - One Sentence Comments

My one sentence comments on each fight – spoilers will obviously follow:

Kenny Florian v. Joe Lauzon – Lauzon continued to show a lot of promise, while Florian (once again) used arguably illegal tactics to get an edge in a fight.

Karo Parisyan v. Thiago Alves – I think the stoppage was too early, and I think Alves is an assbag for previously using a banned substance.

Matt Hammill v. Tim Boetsch – Even though Boetsch fell to Hammill after ripping through David Heath, I think an improved ground game would give him a better position in the UFC Heavyweight Division

Nate Diaz v. Kurt Pellegrino – Diaz overcame a lackluster first round to win the fight with an amazing submission, after both fighters showed what two world-class grapplers can do when they face off.

Houston Alexander v. James Irvin – Even though I wanted Alexander to win, I’m always happy when someone throws a Superman punch.

Gray Maynard v. Frankie Edgar – Gray “I’ve got a tramp stamp” Maynard” really controlled the pace of the fight and got a win over a quality opponent that should get him an even better one next time.

Josh Neer v. Din Thomas – I called Neer winning this one; Din’s knee injury is going to keep him from reaching a level higher than the one he’s on now.

Clay Guida v. Sammy Schiavo – Guida started 2008 off with a bang, and I think that if he gets rematches with any of his losses from 2007, he’ll get the win this year.

George Sotiropoulous v. Roman Mitichyan – Even though Sotiropoulous wasn’t too impressive on the reality show, I think he is guy to watch from that season.

Marcus Aurelio v. Ryan Roberts – Roberts was clearly outclassed (lost in 18 seconds)

Jeff Cox v. Manny Gamburyan – Manny got a good submission win over a guy a foot taller than him, and if his shoulder doesn’t give him anymore trouble, he should be on his way to rip through some other guys in the Lightweight class.

Anthony Johnson v. Tommy Speer – While there’s no question that Anthony Johnson has great, hard striking, I still think Speer fell victim to an illegal knee that ultimately set him up to get knocked out. (Going to have to check the Tivo on that one.)

Just so you all know, I’ve enlisted my good friend Puddin’ to do some commentary with me on pretty much everything, but especially UFC and Mixed Martial Arts related topics - so in the future, instead of just my commentary on stuff like this, you’ll be getting his too.


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