PreView's Picks for UFC 83

Due to some time constraints, Puddin’ and I haven’t been able to get together to do our point/counter-point for the upcoming UFC event this weekend. So, I’m going to just be listing my picks, and I imagine Puddin’ will do something similar.

Anyway, here you go. (If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get better than 50% this time.)

Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra – Serra

Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter – Rich Franklin

Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry – Nate Quarry

Mark Bocek vs. Mac Danzig – Mac Danzig

Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping – Michael Bisping

Alan Belcher vs. Jason Day – Alan Belcher

Joe Doerkson vs. Jason MacDonald – Jason MacDonald

Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia – Demian Maia

Sam Stout vs. Rich Clementi – Sam Stout

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Jonathan Goulet – Jonathan Goulet

Brad Morris vs. Cain Velasquez – Cain Velasquez


And here is the rest of it.

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