Because I’m running short on time, I’m just going to pick winner’s tonight, nothing more specific than that. Next time, it will get more specific, as to which round it will end in and so forth. (even though nobody probably cares :)

Kenny Florian v. Joe Lauzon - Florian

Karo Parisyan v. Thiago Alves - Parisyan

Matt Hammill v. Tim Boetsch - Boetsch (going out on a limb)

Nate Diaz v. Kurt Pellegrino - Diaz

Houston Alexander v. James Irvin - Alexander

Gray Maynard v. Frankie Edgar - Edgar

Josh Neer v. Din Thomas - Neer

Clay Guida v. Sammy Schiavo - Guida

George Sotiropoulous v. Roman Mitichyan - Sotiropoulous

Marcus Aurelio v. Ryan Roberts - Aurelio

Jeff Cox v. Manny Gamburyan - Gamburyan

Anthony Johnson v. Tommy Speer - Tommy Speer

So that’s it for this time – if history is any indication, I’ll end up with no better than 60% right….seriously. 2008 has not been my year for predictions….yet. Thank God I don’t bet money on these.


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