UFC 83 Picks Update and LOST

It appears that, at least temporarily, the bad streak is broken. I went 8 for 11 on my picks for UFC 83. Much better than my normal 50% average. Here is what I find funny. I play the UFC Fantasy game as well as the one on MMAPlayground, and I enter the exact same picks on both sites. . The two sites award points differently, and admittedly, the UFC site is a bit more lenient. But here’s the thing.

On MMAPlayground, I placed somewhere like 4,083 out of 8,100.

On the UFC site, I placed 77 out of 18,000. Even though I understand they have different point-awarding systems, I still find the differences hilarious.

On a side note, Lost is back tonite, and I’m hyped. There are only 5 episodes left in the season, and the writers had to cram 8 episodes’ worth of material into these 5, so it’s going to be pretty exciting all the way through. Look for an episode recap in the next few days.

And here is the rest of it.

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