Bleed Blue Brawl 1 Night Honors (August 31, 2009)

Last weekend, I got to attend Bleed Blue Brawl's inaugural show Bleed Blue Brawl 1 in Lexington, KY. Although two fights were cut from the card at the last minute due to a couple fighters not showing up, the event was still a great event, and a lot of fun to watch, with a crowd that really got into the action.

Here are my picks for the Night Honors:

KO of the Night: Adam Disney over Brian Tipton
After being down 2 rounds on the scorecard (by my own assessment), it was apparent Disney needed a finish to win the fight and he got it in the form of an impressive KO from a straight right that laid Tipton out a couple minutes into the third round.

Submission of the Night: Grady Self over Carl Thornsberry
After surviving a guillotine attempt and being mounted by Thornsberry, Self took advantage of an opening to secure his own guillotine, ending the fight about halfway through round one.

Fight of the Night: Bobby Cummins vs. Joe Kidd
A tough effort by both competitors. Although it went to the scorecards early due to an unintentional eye poke that caused the doctor to call off the fight, both guys showed some solid skills and had the crowd really into the fight thanks to some exciting exchanges. Cummins won via split decision.


After the event, I was able to catch up with Junie Browning who was there serving as a special guest referee, and promoter Tommy Cornett. My interviews with both of them will be posted soon.

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