Bleed Blue Brawl 1 Post-Event Interview with Junie Browning (9/9/09)

Not too long ago, I had the chance to attend the inaugural Bleed Blue Brawl where Kentucky native and UFC fighter Junie Browning served as special guest referee for the event. I caught up with Junie for a few minutes after the show to get his thoughts on taking a different role in the cage and what he's up to with the UFC.

Here is what Junie had to say:

Brian Furby: Junie Browning, special guest referee tonight, what did you think of the show?

Junie Browning: It was pretty awesome, pretty cool to see it from a different aspect. It was the first time I’ve really gotten to see what the refs see.

Brian Furby: Haven’t heard too much out of you since the Cole Miller fight – what do you have in the works now?

Junie Browning: I don’t have a fight scheduled right now, but I’ll be doing one pretty soon. They just told me to be ready and wait for the call, but the time off is good. I’ve been working on the technical aspects and cardio, I’ll be ready.

Brian Furby: Anyone in particular you’re looking to fight?

Junie Browning: Anybody, it doesn’t matter. I just want to show people that I’m better than what I showed in my last fight. I just messed up.

Brian Furby: Back in Kentucky tonight, checking out guys that started out like you did – you think we’re going to see some more guys in the UFC come out of this area?

Junie Browning: Yeah, a lot of the smaller shows I go to are guys still learning so it’s kind of hard to gauge their talent, but everyone from Kentucky is f**king tough and you can tell people are trying to learn because you see the technical aspects. Give anybody from this area two years of training hard and they’ve got a shot.

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