Hardrock MMA 13: The Girls Are Back Live Blog (9/12/09)

I'm here at the Elizabethtown National Guard Armory, waiting for Hardrock MMA 13: The Girls Are Back to get started. Featuring the first professional women's MMA fight in Kentucky, the card also features fourteen other fights.

The action is set to get started at 8:00 PM, I'll be back with the first fight.

Disclosure: All spellings of names come from the fight card I am given, and any times announced come from the official announcements, if any. Additionally, I view the fights from a stationary position, so I report on things as I see them from one angle.

As always, the crowd at the show is has some area pro fighters scattered throughout including Nate Jolly fresh off a win over Frank Santore at last weekend's XFC 9 event. Jolly is serving as tonight's referee. Pro fighters Chad Corvin and Scott Porter are also in the crowd tonight.

Tonight's vendors include Fight Ribbon and Submit MMA.


Ricky Rye vs. David Ward (135)

Rye fights out of Team Middlesboro. Ward fights out of Team Superior.

Round 1
Ward shoots in and takes Rye down. Rye pulls guard, but Ward is able to pass into half-guard and land shots from the top. Ward works on more body and head shots and transitions to full mount. From mount, Ward catches Rye's right arm in an americana to secure the tap.

David Ward wins via submission (americana) in Round 1.


Scott Roberts vs. Jason Clack (135)

Roberts fights out of Team Nemesis. Clack fights out of Team No Mercy.

Round 1
Clack immediately goes after Roberts swinging and the two clinch up. Roberts pulls Clack down and pulls guard and Clack works to land shots from the top. Roberts throws his legs up for a triangle, but can't get his foot locked behind his knee and lets it go and Clack lands another hard shot from the top as he stands and Roberts connects with an upkick. Clack briefly stalls and the ref allows Roberts to stand. Clack lands three more hard shots and Roberts answers with one but then Clack connects with a left that takes him down. Clack moves in to land more shots from the top and Roberts taps to the strikes.

Jason Clack wins via submission (strikes) in Round 1.

Carl Sandlin vs. Wesley Stanley (145)

Sandlin fights out of Team Sandman. Stanton, making his debut, fights out of Team Wreckoning.

Round 1
Stanton connects with a left then rushes Sandlin to land more punches before scoring a big hip toss. Sandlin gets up but Stanton takes him down again and Sandlin almost takes his back but Stanton scrambles to remain in the dominant position. Sandlin lands shots as the two work their way up but Stanton has Sandlin's head tied up in a guillotine. Sandlin moves for the takedown but Stanton sprawls, still controlling Sandlin's head. Sandlin works in some body shots and is able to pulls his head free briefly before Stanton locks it up again. Stanton is really working for the standing guillotine but is pressed against the cage and can't get the leverage. Sandlin lands two foot stomps, then two more and works his head free. Sandlin tries to spin and take Stanton down but Sandlin reverses for another hip toss as the round ends.

The action kind of stalled there for a minute as Stanton was going for the guillotine, but Stanton should have won that round without a problem.

Furby sees it 10-9 Stanton.

Round 2
The two circle briefly then clinch up and Stanton scores another takedown, then works knees to the body from side control, then lands some body shots. Stanton sneaks in some head shots from the top position and then pins one of Sandlin's arms down, looking to land more head shots, but Sandlin taps.

Wesley Stanton wins via submission (strikes) in Round 2.


James Douglas vs. Steven Jenkins (135)

Douglas fights out of 4 Seasons. No team affiliation is noted for Jenkins.

Round 1
Some range testing with jabs early on. Jenkins comes in with a superman punch but doesn't connect and apparently hurt his ankle when he landed and waves the fight off himself, quitting due to the injury.

James Douglas wins via TKO (injury) in Round 1.


Jeremy Philpot vs. Doug Ballinger (145)

Philpot fights out of Team MIddlesboro. Ballinger fights out of Team Wreckoning.

Round 1
Philpot goes for a body kick and Ballinger a left hook and shoots in on Philpot but Philpot locks his head up and defends the takedown. Philpot tries to take Ballinger down and the two roll, Philpot landing in side control. Ballinger manages to pull guard and Philpot lands shots from the top, then picks Ballinger up to slam him. Ballinger scrambles but Philpot takes his back and locks in a rear naked choke, securing the tap.

Jeremy Philpot wins via submission (RNC) in Round 1.


James Benton vs. Josh Smith (145)

Benton represents Hayes Team Extreme. Smith represents Team Middlesboro.

Round 1
Benton misses with an overhand right and Smith moves to take him down but Benton sprawls and starts throwing body shots. Benton stands and Smith tries to pick him up for a takedown but can't and Benton pulls Smith down going for a guillotine. Smith gets his head out and works in a couple head shots. Benton throws his legs up and secures a triangle, ending the fight.

James Benton wins via triangle at :57 of Round 1.


Michael Smith vs. Jason Langley (170)

Smith fights out of US Ju Jitsu. No Team Affiliation is given for Langley.

Round 1
Smith lands a big leg kick to start and immediately ties up Langley's neck in a guillotine, standing, then lands a knee. Langley tries to get out but Smith sprawls, then stands back up to land two more knees to the body, then a knee to Langley's leg. Langley lands a couple body shots but Smith answers with more knees. Langley lands more body shots and tries to get a leg behind one of Smith's to sweep him but Smith press Langley against the cage, still working for the guillotine, and the ref steps in to stop it even though Langley didn't tap, as it appeared Langley was going to pass out.

Michael Smith wins via submission (guillotine) in Round 1.


William Sandlin vs. Andrew Terry(155)

Sandlin fights out of Team Sandman. Terry fights out of Team Superior.

Round 1
Terry opens with a leg kick. They separate and Terry shoots in and takes Sandlin down, but Sandlin has one of Terry's arms and his head tied up. Terry transitions to mount and works in some body shots but Sandlin still has his head tied up in a guillotine. Terry works his head free and starts landing head shots from the top. He gets control of one of Sandlin's arms, going fo ra kimura, then an armbar when Sandlin rolls but Sandlin gets free. Terry then works for a triangle from the bottom and Sandlin defends, still getting in some shots from the top. Terry keeps pulling down on Sandlin's head, though, and is able to secure the tap.

Andrew Terry wins via submission (triangle) in Round 1.


Brian Smith vs. Ben Smith(Hvy)

Brian Smith fights out of US Ju Jitsu. No team affiliation is announced for Ben. Both are making their amateur MMA debuts.

Round 1
Ben opens with a leg kick, then four more, which Ben seems to shrug off. Ben presses Brian up against the cage trying to get in shots. They separate and Ben misses with a head kick but then lands two leg kicks. Ben goes for another leg kick and Brian catches it, landing a right. Brian presses Ben against the cage and starts landing body shots. Brian lands a two punch combo and Ben tries to answer but Brian lands another two punch combo, then another. They exchange more head shots and Ben connects with a right that seems to briefly stun Brian but Brian rushes in and presses Ben against the cage. They separate and Brian lands a big right. Another multiple punch exchange and they clinch up, Brian working in body shots. They separate and circle and Ben lands a right that drops Brian. Ben moves in to land more shots and Brian, having come to, attempts to grab one of Ben's legs but the referee has already moved in to stop it.

Ben Smith wins via KO at 2:08 of Round 1.


Tyler Davis vs. James Brasfield(205)

Davis fights out of Hayes Team Extreme. No team affiliation is given for Brasfield.

Round 1
Brasfield opens with a short left hook then presses Davis against the cage. Davis gets in a couple shots then takes Brasfield down but Brasfield quickly transitions to full mount, working in head shots from the top. Davis rolls and Brasfield takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke, letting one arm go briefly to land a couple head shots, then fully lets go and postures up, landing more shots to the side of Davis's head before once against trying for the rear naked choke. Davis rolls and Brasfield pulls guard. Davis lands multiple body shots from the top position and Brasfield tries to work in some head shots from the bottom. Brasfield rolls and Davis now tries for a rear naked choke but the round expires.

A nice rally by Davis but I think it came too late, and Brasfield likely won the round.

Furby sees it 10-9 Brasfield.

Round 2
Davis lands a right to start but Brasfield quickly ties him up against the cage. Brasfield gets his knee up to hit Davis in the head and still has Davis pressed against the cage. Brasfield works for a takedown but Davis defends. They reverse each other against the cage and as Brasfield goes for another sweep, it appears his foot got caught between the fence and his opponent and his ankle was badly twisted. Brasfield goes down and the ref calls off the fight.

Tyler Davis wins via TKO (injury) at 1:23 in Round 2.


Josh Franklin vs. Andrew Becker(Super Hvy)

Franklin fights out of Team 360. Becker fights out of Team Warhammer.

Round 1
Becker opens with a leg kick and Franklin answers. Franklin sneaks in a two punch combo then a pair of leg kicks. Becker misses with a right hook but then lands one and lands a knee to the body when the two clinch up. After separating, Becker goes for a leg kick but accidentally kicks Franklin in the groin and the action is stopped. After it's restarted, they trade hard right hooks and Franklin lands a pair of leg kicks then misses with a third. Franklin is going back and forth between traditional and southpaw stances, and lands another leg kick, then another. Becker lands a right hook and presses Franklin against the cage. They separate and Becker lands a leg kick but Franklin answers with a right hook. Franklin catches another leg kick from Becker but Becker moves in and presses Franklin against the cage going for a takedown. Franklin defends and they separate and Becker goes for a two punch combo that misses but connects with a right hook that KOs Franklin. Becker moves in for more shots but the ref moves in to stop it.

Andrew Becker wins via KO at 2:08 in Round 1.


Justin Collett vs. Rob Thompson(185)

Collett fights out of Team Middlesboro. Thompson fights out of Etown Beatdown.

Round 1
Collett goes for a leg kick but Thompson catches it and takes him down, working in body shots from inside Thompson's guard. Thompson moves to side control, then gets control of Collett's wrist, moving it across his face before letting it go to land some hard head shots. Collett rolls and Thompson takes his back, sinking int he rear naked choke for the win.

Rob Thompson wins via submission (RNC) in Round 1.


Brandon Howard vs. Donny Wallace (PRO)(155)

Howard is making his pro MMA debut. Wallace fights out of BG Beatdown.

Round 1
Wallace connects with a left hook to start then a knee to the face. Howard clinches up and Wallace takes him down, then quickly moves to full mount. He gets control of one of Howard's wrists then lets go to land a shot from the top, followed by two more. He works in an elbow to the head and Howard tries to buck him off but can't. Wallace lands a big forearm to Howard's face, then more shots to the head. Wallce pauses briefly and then postures up to land multiple unanswered shots to Howard's head. After a brief pause, more of the same as he works Howard up against the cage. Wallace lands some body shots and Howard is trying to pull his head down to prevent him from posturing up but Wallace gets free and works in more shots from the top until the ref steps in to stop it.

Donny Wallace wins via TKO (strikes) at 3:19 of Round 1.



Heather Corder vs. Vanessa Bohleber (PRO)(145)

Corder fights out of Sons of Thunder. Bohleber fights out of Etown Beatdown.

Round 1
Bohleber opens witha body kick followed by a hard right as Corder misses with a right. Corder wraps up Bohleber and lands a knee to the leg while Bohleber looks for body shots, then lands two foot stomps. They struggles against the cage and Corder lands a knee to the body. Bohleber reverses Corder against the cage and lands more foot stomps and a knee to Corder's leg. Corder reverses and works in two foot stomps of her own, then lands a knee to the body. Another reversal from Bohleber is followed by another foot stomp, then a reversal and stomp from Corder and more reversals against the cage. Bohleber sneaks in two head shots and Corder misses with some foot stomps. Bohleber gets in more stomps and the two are separated. Bohleber grazes her with a head kick then a right and Corder takes Bohleber down and Bohleber pulls guard. Corder gets in a shot from the top and Bohleber goes for an arm triangle from the bottom. Croder gets her head out and lands a short forearm. Corder postures up and lands a right, then a left followed by another left. Corder gets in an elbow to the head and Bohleber briefly pushes her off but Corder transitions to side guard before the round ends.

A tough round to score. Bohleber was clearly on the offensive for the first part of the round but Corder seemed to control the latter half. I think Bohleber will likely narrowly edge out that round because she defended well from the bottom and Corder didn't truly capitalize on the position until the very end of the round. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see that round scored either way.

Furby sees it 10-9 Bohleber.

Round 2
Corder mises with a body kick and Bohleber lands a leg kick then three punches before Corder takes her down. Bohleber pulls guard and Corder tries to pin down one of Bohleber's arms. Corder misses with a right from the top position, but then lands a punch to the body. Corder sneaks in a right to the head but is almost swept in the process. Bohleber gets in two shots from the bottom and Corder lands a right. It appears that Corder has a small cut under her left eye. Corder lands two good rights and Bohleber twists her hips but Corder stays on top, now in half-guard. Corder lands a couple shots from the top and transitions to mount to land more shots. Bohleber tries to buck her off but can't, but wraps her arms around Corder's torso trying to stop her from posturing up. Corder lands two more shots and Bohleber rolls her to end up in the top position, landing a couple body shots. Bohleber postures up and starts landing shots from the top but Corder pulls her head back down. Bohleber works in three more punches to the body and head but Corder pulls Bohleber's head down as the round expires.

A much better round for Corder. Although she wasn't constantly working from the top and Bohleber defended very well from the bottom, Corder should see the win in that round.

Furby sees it 10-9 Corder.

Round 3
Bohleber lands two punches to start the round and Corder tries to wrap her up but Bohleber sweeps her, but is reversed on the ground and Corder takes the top position. Corder tries to work her forearm across Bohleber's face and lands a short shot. Corder lands a couple more short shots and the two are stood up as the action slows. Bohleber connects with a body kick but Corder catches it and takes her down. Bohleber pulls guard and Corder works in a couple body shots. Corder lands two head shots from the top, then barely misses with two more and the pair are once again stood up as the action slows. Bohleber connects with two punches before Corder tries to tie her up and Bohleber scores a knee to the body which Corder answers with one of her own. Bohleber has Corder's head tied up and lands a solid knee to the head. Corder lands a foot stomp and spins, taking Bohleber down. Corder lands some body shots followed by a head shot, then another. Bohleber tries to roll Corder but can't and Corder sneaks in another short head shot. Bohleber almost rolls Corder as the round ends but Corder stays dominant.

I think Corder managed to pull out that round. Bohleber clearly had the edge in striking but Corder scored more takedowns and remained int he dominant position on the ground more.

Furby sees it 10-9 Corder.

Heather Corder wins via Split Decision, notching the first professional MMA win for a woman in Kentucky.

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