ICF: Stacked Post-Event Interview with Chad Hinton (July 30, 2009)

My final post-event interview from last weekend's ICF: Stacked event was one of the winners of the FightTicker.com Fight of the Night, Chad Hinton. Fighting on Team Xtreme out of Cincy MMA and Fitness, Chad is a beast in the lightweight division.

For anyone who wants to hear more on what Chad has to say about his MMA career and what it's like to be a pro fighter, check out Cageside Seats, brought to you by the Fight Ticker Radio Network, tomorrow night at 9 PM ET.

Here is what Chad had to say after the event:

(Chad Hinton getting his hand raised after his win over Dustin Walden. Pic from ICF's event album.)

FightTicker.com: Chad Hinton, fresh off a unanimous decision win over Dustin Walden tonight, my choice for FightTicker.com Fight of the Night – it seemed like you took him down at will, working the ground and pound and stifling any attempt by him to get any advantage – was that your plan going into the fight?

Chad Hinton: Not really. The plan going in was to close the distance and pin him against the cage, tear his body up and go upstairs. Didn’t work out that way, he knew he had to stay in the center of the cage and I had to take it to the mat. Didn’t work out on the feet so we had to go to the ground.

FightTicker.com: Did you feel you were able to control him on the ground?

Chad Hinton: Yeah, I did. I knew he was going to go for a triangle, I kind of thought he was going to go for the omoplata a couple times and the armbar – his jiu jitsu was definitely solid – I got to give respect to the kid for sure.

FightTicker.com: You were the main event tonight at the inaugural event for the ICF fight club – what do you think of the new club?

Chad Hinton: It’s magnificent. It was electrifying. Steve Stanton and his team put in so much work on this place, obviously it’s Steve’s passion and I’m just happy to be a part of it, proud to be a part of it.

FightTicker.com: How soon do you want to fight again?

Chad Hinton: Probably September or so. We’re hoping this is enough for Joe Silva to give us a chance [at the UFC], but if it doesn’t work out I’ll be back with Steve sometime in September.

FightTicker.com: Anybody you want to say thanks to?

Chad Hinton: Absolutely. I want to thank you Brian, and FightTicker.com, and definitely FightForLifeUSA.com, ToeZup, my family, my wife, everybody at the ICF, everybody at my team, Team Xtreme, my grandfather – like I mentioned up in the cage, it meant a lot for me to fight for him, he’s been really sick. My kids, and everybody who has been a part of my fight career so far, I’m really grateful to everybody.

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