ICF: Stacked Post-Event Interview with Amanda Bentley (July 28, 2009)

After the recent ICF: Stacked event at the new ICF Fight Club/MMA Sports Bar I had the chance to speak with a number of the fighters to get their thoughts on the event. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda Bentley, who is in the running to become Maxim's Hometown Hottie.

Here is what Amanda had to say about her first live MMA event:

(Picture from Maxim.com)

FightTicker.com: Amanda Bentley, special guest ring girl tonight, in the run to become Maxim’s Hometown Hottie – what did you think of the show?

Amanda Bentley: I thought it was awesome! This is the very first time I’ve ever been to fights like this and I had a great time.

FightTicker.com: What do you think of the ICF’s new fight club?

Amanda Bentley: I love it, it’s totally different than anything here in Cincinnati and I think it’s going to draw huge crowds. A lot of people from the area are into the cage fighting.

FightTicker.com: What did you think of the fights?

Amanda Bentley: There were a couple times where I almost felt sorry for the guys [laughs], but overall I thought the guys have a great respect for each other. They’re beating the crap out of each other, but they really care for each other and I think the respect they showed was really cool.

FightTicker.com: So about the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest – how much longer can people vote for you?

Amanda Bentley: Well, until August 3rd for the finals, which narrows it down to ten girls. The final round of Maxim Hometown Hotties – the top ten out of 1000. I’m trying to make it to at least the top ten.

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