Bleed Blue Brawl 1 Post-Event Interview with Promoter Tommy Cornett (9/9/09)

The other interview I was able to conduct after the recent Bleed Blue Brawl was with promoter Tommy Cornett. Cornett put together an impressive show for his first attempt. With the exciting fights and guests like Junie Browning, and plans to start hosting professional fights as well, Cornett looks to make Bleed Blue Brawl into a serious contender in the growing regional MMA market.

Here is what Cornett had to say after the show:

Brian Furby: Tommy Cornett, Bleed Blue Brawl promoter – you had a great first show tonight – what did you think about the show?

Tommy Cornett: I think it went really well, we didn’t have all the fights we wanted to have, but I think the guys that did fight went out and performed well and put on a good show and the crowd really got into it. I think it was a success.

Brian Furby: I know you’ve been involved in MMA for a while, you’re a wrestling coach, but what made you want to start a promotion?

Tommy Cornett: Well, I got involved with 4 Seasons back in 2004 and was there for 3 or 4 years as a coach and cornerman, and I just wasn’t really happy with the production value of a lot of amateur shows that I got to witness, but then I met Nick Champa and saw the venue (Champ’s Skate Center) and then the idea just popped right in my head. It’s a great venue, good lights and effects, good production for these amateur fighters to get the experience they need to go on with a professional career. I just feel like they didn’t have that here in Kentucky.

Brian Furby: So what are you plans for show number two?

Tommy Cornett: We’re talking about dates, shooting for November. We have plenty of time to prepare for it and we’re looking to have ten amateur fights and a couple pro fights and it’s plenty of time to produce and promote it because we only had four weeks to promote this show. We’ll definitely have it squared away even better next time.

Brian Furby: What was your favorite fight tonight?

Tommy Cornett: I was really happy with David Suter’s performance, and Adam Disney’s knockout win just put that guy to sleep, it was pretty impressive.

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