RFL: Maximum Impact Night Honors (June 30, 2009)

Last Saturday, I attended Revolution Fight League's Maximum Impact show at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Southern Indiana. There were some great fights on the card that made for some hard choices for the FightTicker.com Night Honors. However, three stood out above the rest.

Here are my picks for the Night Honors:

Submission of the Night # 1 - Josh Ferguson over Matt Troyer

For most of the fight, it looked like Troyer was going to be the one winning this honor as it appeared he had Ferguson locked up in an inverted triangle. However, Ferguson remained calm and immediately after freeing himself from the triangle he took the dominant position and scored a fight ending armbar.

Submission of the Night # 2 - Jason Jones over Josh Ball

Jones survived an early guillotine attempt by Ball and scored a rear naked choke, quickly flattening his opponent out and securing the tap. From gaining the dominant position and taking his opponent's back, it took Jones less than 10 seconds to secure the tap.

Fight of the Night - Tim Cook vs. Erik Florez

As I said in my event recap, this was a no-brainer for FightTicker.com Fight of the Night, with both fighters showcasing some great ground skills and Tim Cook really working a precise striking game. The number of reversals and sweeps in the first two rounds likely topped the total number you'd find in most events as a whole. A great effort by both fighters and an exciting win for Cook as he avenged a loss to Florez from Cook's first ever MMA fight.

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