ICF: Sacrifice Post-Event Interview with ICF Promoter Steve Stanton (May 28, 2009)

The last person I had the chance to speak with after the recent ICF: Sacrifice was ICF promoter Steve Stanton. As usual, Stanton took some time out of his busy post-show duties to talk to me. Check out what he had to say about his thoughts on the show as well as the ICF's plans for a huge offering of MMA shows around the tri-state area during the coming months.

FightTicker.com: Steve Stanton, ICF Promoter – first show back at Turfway since your show at U.S. Bank Arena – what did you think of the show tonight?

Steve Stanton: They were good fights from the beginning to the end. I couldn’t be happier.

FightTicker.com: How do you feel coming back to Turfway Park?

Stanton: We did good. I’m happy. We had a good crowd, probably about 800 people. There was an I.C.E. event tonight we were competing with, and they’re good guys. I’m happy with how everything went.

FightTicker.com: Lot of action, lot of blood in the FightTicker.com Fight of the Night, Dave Heidorn vs Brandon Dumastas – what did you think of that fight?

Stanton: Man, that was a battle, those guys really did deserve Fight of the Night. But there were a couple of other fights that were right there, too – lot of good fights tonight.

FightTicker.com: Luke Zachrich headlined tonight – you’re continuing this trend of bringing in these bigger name fighters even when you’re not at U.S. Bank Arena – what other shows do you have coming up and what do you have in store for us?

Stanton: We have a show in Aurora, IN on June 13th, we’re going to do all amateur fights that night. Then we’re going to Evansville, IN and there’s big boat race, a regatta that day so there will be a lot of people around. Then July 4th I’m going to Columbus, OH, outside at Nationwide Arena. We’re going to have the Navy and Army involved and we’re back here on July 25th – we have some big stuff in store for that show. We’re just going for a big summer blowout. I have some surprises, some big fights coming. Then we’re back at U.S. Bank Arena on August 22nd. I learned a lot of stuff from that event. I had awesome fights, but I spent a little too much money. But you have to put on a good show and that’s one thing I’m not scared of, is to spend money. They can say a lot of things about me but I’m not tight. Some of these guys just do these amateur shows, they don’t have a good production value, they don’t spend money. I do, I’m not afraid to.

FightTicker.com: Thanks for talking with me Steve – is there anybody you need to thank?

Stanton: Man, definitely. Thanks to the fans for coming out, the fighters for putting on a great show and I want to thank our sponsors, UFCW 75 “Fighting for Working America”, Hooters, CockDiesel, U.S. Army and 7 Hills Church. We have a lot of big stuff coming up, make sure to check out our website, www.ICFMMA.com.


Stanton wasn't kidding - the ICF has a lot going on this summer. Between June and August, they're hosting six shows across three states. A few of the recent announcements the ICF has made include that pro fighter and FightTicker.com member Chad Hinton will be headlining the main event at Turfway Park on July 25th against an opponent TBD.

Also, the ICF recently announced a charity MMA match featuring Cincinnati attorney and radio personality Eric "The Bulldog" Deters versus Florence, KY police officer Larry "K9" Shelton taking place August 29th in Lawrenceburg, IN.

For more details on all of these things, including dates for ICF shows through December 2009, check out ICF's website. I'll be live blogging at a number of these shows, so check back for that and my pre and post-show coverage.

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