ICF: Sacrifice Night Honors (May 17, 2009)

ICF: Sacrifice" went down Saturday night at Turfway Park in Florence, KY. In the ICF's first back at Turfway since their inaugural show at U.S. Bank Arena (ICF: Breakout), the ICF put on a crowd pleasing night of exciting fights that only saw two fights go the distance, both of which were Fight of the Night candidates. My picks for the "of the Night" honors are as follows:

Fight of the Night: Dave Heidorn over Brandon Damastes

This fight was an exciting three-round battle between two extremely tough guys. There were near-knockouts, multiple hard shots from both competitors, a lot of blood (the crowd always loves that), submission attempts and a solid showing of skills from both fighters. Additionally, these two fighters were awarded Fight of the Night from Fight For Life USA.

Submission of the Night: This one was a tie between Mark Crawn and Luke Zachrich.

Crawn's pulling off a guillotine while he was standing and his opponent was seated was an impressive feat and Zachrich's kimura from the half-guard were easily highlight reel material.

KO of the Night: Jim Davis

There were no true KOs on a fight card dominated mostly by submissions, but Jim Davis's overpowering of Bill Fuller included one left hook that looked like it did briefly KO Fuller. Davis's 17 second TKO win was definitely impressive.

Definitely an exciting night of fights overall. To hear more on what most of these guys had to say about their fights, be sure to check out my upcoming post-event commentary which includes post-fight interviews with Heidorn, Crawn and Zachrich.

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