KYFC # 52 Live Blog (July 11, 2009)

I'm here at 4 Seasons Martial Arts Gym in Lexington, Kentucky for Kentucky Fighting Challenge # 52. The longest running promotion in Kentucky, KYFC has found a new home at 4 Seasons, hosting shows here almost every month to sell-out or near sell-out crowds every time, in addition to shows at other locations around the state.

Nine fights on the card tonight as well as two grappling matches. I'll be back when the action starts.

Cody Kissinger vs. Jacob Hobkins

Kissinger fights out of Highlander MMA.

Round 1

Kissinger shoots in for the takedown but Hobkins sprawls. Kissinger picks him up for a big slam and takes the top position after the fight is restarted in the center of the ring. Kissinger starts ground and pound and Hobkins gets out. Kissinger lands a knee to the head when the two stand and shoots again but falls short. They stand Kissinger lands a left hook. The two clinch up and Kissinger lands a couple knees to the body and a two punch combo. Kissinger takes the fight down and has top position but Hobkins lands some shots from the bottom and pulls Kissinger down to prevent him from posturing up. Kissinger gets full mount and starts more ground and pound. Kissinger goes for an armbar but Hobkins switches position and tries to stand, but leaves his arm loose and Kissinger sinks in another armbar for the tap.

Cody Kissinger wins via submission (armbar) at 2:46 of Round 1.


A.J. Barnala vs. Ricky Winn

Barnala, making his MMA debut, fights out of 4 Seasons. Winn fights out of United Martial Arts Academy

Round 1
Barnala's opening attempt at a jab falls short. The two circle, looking for an opening. Winn comes in with a hard looping right hook and lands a shorter second one. Winn lands a right to the body and Barnala andswers with a leg kick. Winn knocks Barnala down with a big right and starts the ground and pound until the ref moves in to stop it.

Ricky Winn wins via TKO (strikes) at 1:21 of Round 1.


Justin Scaggs vs. Vince Hawkins

Scaggs fight out of Black Out.

Round 1
Scaggs opens with three leg kicks but Hawkins answers with four quick punches. The two clinch up and Scaggs takes it to the ground and starts landing multiple shots to the head. He's warned for shots to the back of the head and continues to land more legal head shots. Hawkins manages to work his way back to his feet and Scaggs lands a knee to the head and the two go back down but Hawkins immediately stands and Scaggs follows. Scaggs misses with a leg kick and Hawkins lands a left hook. Scaggs lands a hard kick that Hawkins checks, but it appears that it dislocated Hawkins's shoulder in the process. The ref stops the fight to check on Hawkins and waives off the fight.

Scaggs wins via TKO (ref stoppage) at 2:00 in Round 1*
(*Although Scaggs was announced as the winner, the official result should have been announced as a no-contest because it ended in the first round and so there were no scores to tally as if the fight had gone a couple rounds.)


Austin Rich vs. Xavier Singleton

Rich, making his MMA debut, fights out of The Swamp MMA. Singleton, also making his debut, fights out of United Martial Arts.

Round 1
The two immediately meet in the center of the cage exchanging punches. Rich takes it down and Singleton pulls guard. Singleton rolls and Rich takes his back, landing some shots to the head. Singleton rolls, trying to get out of it, but Rich has his legs locked between Singleton's. Rich lands more head shots and Singleton scrambles but can't escape. Rich flattens him out and lands more head shots. Rich works for the rear naked choke but lets it go to land more head shots. Singleton manages to roll but Rich lands more head shots. Singleton rolls, but Rich grabs his arm but can't finish the armbar. Singleton gets to his feet and lands a hard right hook. They clinch up and trade knees to the body and Rich hip tosses Singleton but Singleton takes the top position with a knee on Rich's stomach. The ref stops them to get them out of the ropes and they restart in the center. Rich goes for an armbar from the bottom as time expires.

A good rally by Singleton but I don't think it was enough to get him the round.

PreView sees it 10-9 Rich.

Round 2
Rich opens with a left hook and a right upperct. Rich lands a hard right while Singleton misses with one of his own, then lands another hard right hook that opens a cut above Singleton's eye. Rich lands knees to the head and more unanswered shots to the head, standing, as the ref moves in to stop it.

Austin Rich wins via TKO (strikes) at :38 of Round 2.


Roger Cilinceon vs. Spencer Jenkins

This is one of the 18 and under grappling matches.

Spencer Jenkins wins via Split Decision


Jeff Curry vs. Mike Wilson

Round 1

Curry lands a right to open the round but Wilson answers with a big takedown. Wilson lands in Curry's guard, but transitions to half-guard. Wilson lands some body shots from the top but Curry is doing a good job of defending. Wilson rolls and sinks in a guillotine from the bottom to end the fight.

Mike Wilson wins via submission (guillotine) at :57 of Round 1


Robert Traylor vs. William Conti

Conti fights out of Black Out.

Round 1
Traylor thross a leg kick and Conti lands a big right hook. The two clinch up and Conti takes it down, landing shots to the head. Traylor gets half-guard but Conti lands more head shots as he transitions to full mount. Traylor rolls and takes top position, going for an armbar but Traylor defends and lands a couple hard head shots. Traylor lands a hard knee to the body as the two stand and clinch again. Traylor lands a hard body shot and the two separate. Traylor shoots in and lands a hard body shot but Conti defends, looking for a standing guillotine. However, Conti appears to be injured and the ref steps in to waive off the fight.

Robert Traylor wins via TKO (ref stoppage) at 1:48 of Round 1.


J.P. Felty vs. Justin Biggerstaff

Felty fights out of Monster Squad MMA.

Round 1
Biggerstaff misses with a right and Felty takes him down and immediately takes his back going for the rear naked choke and sinks it in for the quick tap.

J.P. Felty wins via submission (rear naked choke) at :20 in Round 1.


Andrew Havener vs. David Suter

Suter trains out of 4 Seasons

Round 1
Suter lands a couple jabs to start, but apparently there was an accidental eye poke and Havener gets some time to recover. Touch of the gloves and we're back. Suter lands a tone-two combo and Havener comes in with a three punch combo of his own. Havener scores a big takedown and locks Suter's head up briefly before Suter pulls it out, trying to take mount. Suter gets full mount, and lands some head shots before Havener reverses and gets out. Suter comes in with a hard left and Havener misses with a right hook and slips and falls. Havener lands a leg kick when he stands again. Suter lands a body kick and Havener misses with one of his own. Havener lands a leg kick and Suter lands a body kick followed by multiple shots to the head as the two hit the ground. Havener spins and takes Suter's back but Suter reverses and takes Havener's back, landing some head shots.

PreView sees it 10-9 Suter.

Before the second round could start, the ringside doctor stopped the fight due to the injury to Havener's eye.

David Suter wins via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 3:00 of Round 1*
(*The actual ending for this fight is a no contest, due to the doctor stoppage in between rounds, because of the inadvertent eye poke. Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission Rules.)


Cody Parry vs. Anthony Miesse

Adult Grappling Match

Anthony Miesse wins 1 fall to 0.


Paul McEntee vs. J.R. Hines

McEntee trains out of 4 Seasons. Hines trains out of Extreme Force.

Round 1
Hines opens up with a leg kick and shoots in, taking McEntee down. Hines lands some head shots but the fight is quickly paused to be restarted in the center, in what appears to be a different position than the one they were in the action was stopped. McEntee briefly has Hines's head tied up, but Hines gets it out working from side control. Hines gets full mount and starts landing head shots. McEntee spins and Hines takes his back, working land more head shots. McEntee tries to stand but Hines sinks in the rear naked choke and works to flatten McEntee out, securing the tap.

J.R. Hines wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:26 in Round 1.

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